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me, hates my chickens, is a weird, paranoid asshole who watches my every
But I am privileged to be part of this group - you are the best, you are champions, you are what all these assholes will never be because you have excelled and succeeded in life.
There are more than 40,000 NZNO members, and if we all challenged the asshole behaviour just once--whether we witness it or whether it's directed at us--the message we would send is "There is a 'no asshole rule' in this workplace" Kia kaha Nicola.
In a subsequent chapter, he makes a convincing case that the cost of assholes exceeds their worth because they impair organizational performance.
This principle is demonstrated in La cazzaria's portrayal of the weak monti [political factions] as Cunts and Assholes, which, in the dialogue's vicious sexual economy, exist only to provide pleasure for the dominant Cocks.
The great bulk of new leftists had already come to understand themselves as radical agents, and when the Weather Underground issued their manifesto, "You Don't Need A Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows," Austinites ridiculed their agenda with the counter- slogan: "You Don't Need A Rectal Thermometer to Know Who the Assholes Are.
In test markets in New Hampshire, McDonald's is serving up Chicken McPat, all right wings and assholes.
she makes for her eponymous line, and honestly, I don't really care because snakes are assholes.
amp; never feet, never ankles, never assholes, a common theme among
But do you think I care what happens next to whoever those assholes are on Mad Men this season, or what's lurking inside the next auctioned storage unit?
I'm already/ Forgetting your face/ So maybe I was playing/ Myself more than I thought/ About having more feelings than/ Most assholes.
You want to be remembered for the good roles too, but the assholes are so much fun to play.
IT IS barely credible that you find it necessary to abuse your readership - 'Commons yobbos, assholes, louts'.
Spero's allegorical works suggest that war encourages the fierce return, in both sexes, to self-gratifying infantile oral, anal, and genital stages (with bodies reduced to tongues, assholes, and pricks).
FOR decades our sport's been littered with assholes and prats," writes Rodney Marsh in his latest internet column.