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There are more than 40,000 NZNO members, and if we all challenged the asshole behaviour just once--whether we witness it or whether it's directed at us--the message we would send is "There is a 'no asshole rule' in this workplace" Kia kaha Nicola.
Robert Sutton, author of The No Asshole Rule, is a professor at Stanford and caused quite a stir when he published an article on assholes in the Harvard Business Review.
The imaginary line between an ordinary and 'flaming' asshole depends on local quirks and customs.
We're going to put it in his eyes and up his asshole, in his wife's twat and in his baby's diaper.
Representative Jo Ann Emerson, Republican of Missouri, doesn't know why a letter she sent to a constituent ended with profanity: "I think you are an asshole.
Everybody says I'm an asshole, and they're right, I am," Moulitsas says.
He has charisma all over the place and can play the nice guy, the asshole, the funny guy and the guy lacking in self-esteem and he can do it all within the same character.
If you ever again behave like that kind of disruptive asshole in public, insult me, and jeopardize the interests of our entire tribe, I'll.
278] in the same issue, the photograph of Asco's 1975 work Asshole Mt/nii was mistakenly credited to Ricardo Valverde instead of Harry Gamboa Jr.
I'm being easy on the guy, and I shouldn't because he's an asshole.
Rather, as he wrote of the protagonist in a projected autobiographical novel, Ginsberg's impulse was always to make "total confession" and show even "his asshole to the world.
If you're an actor and you talk about golf in an interview, you come off sounding like a total fucking asshole," he explains as the calamari is whisked away and fresh coffee is poured.
He may be an asshole," Kovach said, "but he's our asshole.
Besides he was an asshole," Knocko says, pulling out a pint
The picture's title, Asshole Mural, turns a scatological joke into a high-concept variation on muralism, which in the early 1970s was perceived as the dominant mode of Chicano art.