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However, the potential combination of substantial assets held and income earned by an 18-year-old, otherwise financial-aid-eligible student, who is about to enter college, can be disastrous.
With its vast people resources, progressive regulators, favorable demographics and an economy growing more than eight per cent per annum, India is not only an attractive destination for foreign capital in general but also is a promising market for asset management in particular.
Thus, income earned by the trust, including gain on the sale of appreciated assets, is nontaxable to the trust.
The primary challenges in providing reverse logistics for retired high-tech assets are:
law has pointed out that equitable distribution does not mean equal, but he still awarded $20 million to Wendt's wife in hard assets.
The net effect will be a fall in lending rates for all commercial real estate loans and a redistribution of assets, with the Basel IA banks are taking the lower quality assets.
The decision options that companies face in managing these assets fall, in general, into three broad categories: re-deployment/re-use; selling; or disposal/discarding.
This creates a deferred tax asset because the company is taking a financial statement deduction that is not currently deductible for income tax purposes.
In the first transaction, on Date 1 the taxpayer transferred the tangible and intangible assets pertaining to the business of Corporation 1 to Buyer 1.
Generally assets are considered current if they can be converted into cash in the normal operations of the firm within the operating period.
The attention DAU is focusing on modularizing and integrating learning assets (see Learning Asset Integration), and cultivating a KS environment sets the stage for a more relevant and valuable learning experience for the community, tied to real-world issues.
To satisfy the FASAB requirement to value military equipment, contracts awarded in FY 2007 will require information derived from accounting transactions, invoices, and other authoritative documents that support the actual cost of assets. The costs must be traceable by auditors to the authoritative source documentation.
Key issues in conducting a knowledge audit include: the identification of knowledge assets; the identification of knowledge assets creators, owners, hoarders, distributors and users; the valuing of knowledge assets; assessing threats to these knowledge assets and the personnel interaction with the assets; and assessing the implications of knowledge assets to the competencies and competitive advantages of the organization.
Total "structured finance"--combined GSE assets, along with outstanding mortgage and asset backed securities--has over seven years mushroomed an astonishing 126 percent to $7.46 trillion.