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What Sarbanes-Oxley does do is imply a greater responsibility for recording IP assets on the financial statements.
2006) and assets as of the date the application is signed; see www.
There is a significant opportunity for reverse logistics companies that can capitalize on the unique challenges presented by the large and small quantity shipments of used high-tech assets.
Protecting your assets is required not only because of divorce but under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, civil awards against CEOs can be quite large.
Accounts receivable is an important part of current assets that must be carefully managed.
Their worth and future success depend on intangible assets, as the new study makes clear: "From a communication point of view, intangible assets have become important as a result of the general higher level of knowledge in society.
At one end of the business spectrum, Microsoft's obvious intangible assets cannot be found on the Microsoft balance sheet.
iii) Whether an ATRR established for specified assets may be reduced.
Generally, the current assets of accounts receivable and inventory serve as the borrowing base for a revolving credit facility that can be drawn down and repaid.
But if confidence in asset prices is maintained, through a combination of low interest rates and reassuring economic and geopolitical developments, the anticipated V-shaped recovery should proceed according to plan.
A criminal forfeiture action allows for both the seizure of assets and the arrest of the subject, but risks dissipation of assets because this action generally occurs at the conclusion of an investigation.
Developing an effective performance benchmark for managers of life insurance assets is not only possible, but it is also an invaluable exercise for the successful and prudent management of a life insurance company But creating effective benchmarks for evaluating performance and creating the appropriate incentives for asset managers can be a complex exercise for a life insurance company.
Also fueling the explosive growth in the asset-preservation facet of elder law are efforts by the federal government to make it harder to shelter assets to qualify for Medicaid.
An alternative point of view is that managers take write-offs not to manipulate earnings, but to reflect declines in the values of assets due to poor firm performance and poor management decisions.
Section 4734 provides that whoever "for a fee and knowingly and willfully counsels or assists an individual to dispose of assets (including any transfer in trust) in order for the individual to become eligible for medical assistance under a State plan under Title XIX, if disposing of the assets results in the imposition of a period of ineligibility for such assistance.