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94), five items used by Kelly (2003) assessing general attitudes and interest in the night-sky (_ = .
Holmes, Brown, and Algozzine present strategies on how to assist all students in the quest for success in their article "Promoting Academic Success for All Students" while Norton addresses the difficulties of assessing learning in "Challenges to Effective Assessment of Learning.
6229(a) precluded the IRS from assessing any additional tax relating to any partnership items.
While potential overlap, duplication and added costs from using this best-of-breed approach are one concern, the primary issue is the lack of consistent means within these systems for assessing and reporting on compliance status.
Gaining insight into the design of company-level controls is sometimes more challenging than assessing detailed process- or transactional-level control activities.
Librarians know that as much as search engines may be important tools, it is also important to help users develop a critical approach to assessing the information resources that are so readily available.
Those assessing the fire damage haven't found widespread evidence of hydrophobic conditions in the burn area of the Simi Valley Fire, Jewett said.
Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement (Assessing Risks)
When assessing school bomb threats, investigators first should question whether the threat passes the reality test, which they should apply to both the threatener and the threat.
Auditors remain in the comfort zone of the historical approach of assessing risk at maximum and doing across-the-board substantive tests.
Subsequent works, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Statement of Position 96-1, have provided more detailed guidance to accounting professionals within corporations and in external auditing functions in assessing FAS5 applicability, liability measurement and disclosure.
This model needed to be portable so that it could operate on laptop computers, be user friendly and capable of assessing multiple "what if" scenarios which can assess the support cost of alternative support strategies.
New York City created a special, assessing unit of four tax classes in Nassau County, which are taxed at a different percentage of full value.
On the eighth day of Christmas, health care gave to me: "Eight RT's assessing.
Most manufacturers aren't assessing the workforce to the degree that they should," added C.
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