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capable of being assessed especially for the purpose of taxation

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capable of being considered carefully

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In other words, the PACE Act really has nothing to do with the assessable payments that may be due; it has to do with the coverage that small employers provide to their employees.
Even though its assessable revenue of $335 million was 22.
4980H-3; and set forth the assessable payment calculations at Prop.
Recognizing the difficulty of determining household income, the IRS has established three affordability safe harbors for the purpose of the assessable payment rule.
When disagreements are medically assessable, Groll argues, doctors can legitimately challenge patient choices because their training makes them experts regarding which treatments are most likely to achieve certain ends.
However, when the property is sold for more than the book value (cost less accumulated depreciation) the depreciation is 'clawed-back' as assessable income in the year of sale.
Explaining the 73-year-old's decision to join the microblogging site, it said: "His Holiness thought it was prudent to make his office open and assessable to a more youth and technologically advancing audience.
These are end units with second floor assessable by stairway and elevator.
I thought there must be a way of combining exercise routines in an easy and assessable way.
Folgers Gourmet Selections recently launched a premium line of assessable gourmet coffees with its newest flavors, Creme Brulee and Bistro Blend.
SUBLIME STITCHING: HUNDREDS OF HIP EMBROIDERY PATTERNS AND HOW-TO pairs lovely color photos throughout by Alexandra Grablewski with an outstanding, assessable embroiderer's guide which novices will find especially helpful and inviting.
As wireless communication improves and more and more information is assessable via electronic means, workers are free to access their peers, files and the worldwide web from almost anywhere.
This guide is assessable enough to serve the general public as well as the more-informed reader.
Furthermore, these A-group banks and thrifts account for at least 98% of both BIF's and SAIF's assessable deposits.
The pages on the tax return will enable you to make the necessary disclosures to the Inland Revenue and to make your calculation of any amount assessable.