assertiveness training

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a method of psychotherapy that reinforces you for stating negative and positive feelings directly

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Management of negative self-image using rational emotive and behavioral therapy and assertiveness training.
Psychologist Randy Paterson has people who take his assertiveness training make reservations at a restaurant, then call back a couple of hours later and cancel.
It is also likely that assertiveness training for women with higher education is more effective than for less educated women as the firs group will accept and apply the results of such trainings more efficiently and this fosters higher personal and social adjustment in women with higher education than those with lower education.
of Worcester said the money will expand and enhance its Strong, Smart, and Bold Safety Strategies in the areas of antibullying, Internet safety and assertiveness training.
Assertiveness and assertiveness training have emerged as essential skills in many interpersonal endeavors.
The way he treats you makes you think less of yourself every day, so go for assertiveness training.
Assertiveness training and using assertiveness techniques can help you take charge.
Providing educational courses and training workshops on diversity mining, stress, anger or conflict management, assertiveness training, and improving communication and team collaboration skills will all help in the process.
Topics to be covered range from assertiveness training and fall protection requirements to scaffold safety/set-up and equipment inspections.
Assertiveness training also helps in a person's emotional health and social skills (Eskin, 2003; Glueckauf and Quittner, 1992).
Both kinds of children can benefit from assertiveness training and social skills training (Thompson & Rudolph, 2000; Walker & Roberts, 1992).
Nurses need assertiveness training and more back bone.
These groups cover many areas including: drug and alcohol awareness, life skills, health awareness and education, yoga, expressive music and art sessions, guided imagery, assertiveness training, job-search skills, and relationship skills.
The class will teach coping skills including communication, assertiveness training and decision-making.
Management plan included Behavior therapy (Relaxation Training, In vivo desensitization), Rational Emotive Behavior ther-apy (Disputing, Rational Emotive Imagery and Bibliotherapy), Cognitive Be-havior therapy (challenging automatic thoughts), Assertiveness training, social skills training and self-esteem building exercises.