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Synonyms for assertive

Synonyms for assertive

marked by boldness and assertiveness


bold and definite in character

Synonyms for assertive

aggressively self-assured

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Assertive people get what they want and are admired by colleagues.
1984) found no significant relationship between birth order and assertiveness in women, although first-born females did demonstrate more assertive behavior than later born children.
Differences were not found in degrees of assertive behavior among persons with disabilities on the bases of gender, race, metropolitan/non-metropolitan residence, marital status or age.
Instead of merely adjusting display brightness, Assertive Display continuously adapts each individual pixel to preserve the colour and contrast ratio, resulting in a seamless viewing experience from indoors to bright sunshine.
Surprisingly, this increased viewability does not come at the expense of display power -in fact display power can frequently be reduced using Assertive Display, extending battery life.
Dominant leaders demanded action and were assertive, communal leaders encouraged the subordinate and communicated with compassion.
Keep in mind you can be two women - the assertive boss at work and the feminine woman on a date.
But suppose that somewhere along the line she has learned to be assertive.
Although emotional appeals often prove successful with power reassurance and power assertive rapists, the anger retaliatory rapist generally feels no remorse for his crime and may respond best to appeals to logic.
Responsible assertive behavior: Cognitive/behavioral procedures for trainers.
The book's thesis is that while these ends of philosophy should complement each other, one of them has to take the place of primacy, and Cahoone gives that to the truth of assertive judgments because practical judgments and performative judgments each claim some sort of assertive truth, even if it may get caught in a self referential falsity.
The fears of rebellious subordinates, the association of assertive women with "betrayal, adultery, and violence" (113), were temporarily replaced (until after the 1688 revolution) by parallel fears of tyrannical abuse by husbands and of arbitrary government by monarchs.
The dashing Angel Corella was paired with patrician Julie Kent; boyish Ethan Stiefel partnered assertive Susan Jaffe; Keith Roberts shared a cyclonic duet with Griff Braun, and then, almost magically, the two were cloned by Sean Stewart and Marcelo Gomes.
Apical's Assertive Camera is an image signal processor: the engine inside the camera which creates the visual imagery.