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relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

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Similarly, the new rules prevent plaintiffs from asserting multiple claims in addition to medical malpractice, merely to attach a defendant that would allow the lawsuit to be brought in a preferred jurisdiction.
citizens may have difficulty asserting any of their rights, including their sexual rights.
Kajima no longer is involved in the project, except as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the district asserting it and subcontractors violated the state's false claims act.
Medieval philosophers and theologians in general, according to Park, claimed a "virtual monopoly on absolute certainty" by asserting a "social ideology" of "privileged knowers" and by banishing wonder as a "taboo passion" (117-118).
Part 2 discusses whether a landlord can require a tenant to be current on its payment of rent as a pre-condition to asserting a breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment as the REBNY form provides.
The Court held that there was no basis for finding a violation of a constitutional right by simply asserting that a government actor was negligent.
The first hurdle was asserting the mere right to express themselves intellectually.
By statutorily requiring the IRS to consider whether reasonable cause and good faith existed before asserting a penalty, Congress signalled its desire for the IRS to avoid a "gotcha" mentality and to apply the reasonable cause exception in a flesible, rational, and balanced manner.
filed a brief in support of this application, asserting certain legal and equitable arguments.
Hurst, a Quaker, added that the class also offends his religious views, asserting it "reflects a preference for fundamentalist Christianity over all other religious and scientific viewpoints.
A taxpayer should not have to speculate about the Service's reasons for asserting that he owes more tax,just as the IRS should not have to guess at the taxpayer's reasons for asserting that he does not.
Pretrial sparring did not show any alternate defense theory of what happened and, far from asserting a wrong-man claim, Kaczynski's lawyers have often seemed on the verge of acknowledging that he is the Unabomber.
Liossatos el al, following the death of the rent controlled prime tenant, the decedent's nephew came forward, asserting that he was in occupancy of the apartment and was entitled to succeed to the rent controlled tenancy.
Onyx's refusal to accept reasonable evidence that CDC had adequate internal funds to consummate the offer, and asserting that CDC would be required to provide a financing agreement with a third party as evidence of the financial ability of CDC to consummate the tender offer.
Duplicity" and asserting that he is "worse than [John] Kerry.