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Synonyms for asserter

someone who claims to speak the truth

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510 (2014) (upholding the district court's crime-fraud exception determination and finding it appropriate to exclude the privilege asserters from the in camera review and deny them access to transcript or summary of those proceedings based on grand jury secrecy concerns); In re Grand Jury Proceedings, 867 F.
CRM training will make you a better communicator, a better follower, a better manager of your own workload, a more effective asserter, and finally, it will improve your ability to evaluate how you and your teammates are doing.
5 it delivers up the asserter at once, bound hand and foot, to the tender mercies of contradictory proof.
A memorial tablet, dating from 1764, praises his conjunction of "peculiar graces of wit and learning" and "strength of judgement" and sums him up as "a strenuous asserter of the constitution, laws and liberties of England.
Prevalent modes of interacting include Persuader, Relater, and Asserter.
Epistemic relationism in the theory of assertion is the view that an assertion's epistemic propriety depends purely on the relation between the asserter and the proposition asserted.
s final sentence is a sad question: "Are Luther the asserter, the confessionalist, the broker of salvation, and Erasmus, the ironic harmoniser, forever doomed to talk past one another.
Accounting literature contains caveats about such assertions for both the asserter and the attester.
If the asserter connects his speech to his belief-forming processes, then he is sincere.