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Then suppose, on another day, a court were to hold, again for some assertedly constitutional reason, that for a defendant charged with blasphemy, proof of Facts A, B, and C no longer authorized imprisonment of three to five years, but no more than one year, thus transforming blasphemy from a felony into a misdemeanor.
While gripping his table and fervently pointing his finger at me he strongly, loudly, and confirmedly assertedly, "The fact is YOU telling me to see race and gender IS racist and sexist
paucity of that remaining water assertedly does not alter the flow
33) Yet, any surprise over the assertedly unprecedented scope or force of these investigations should be moderated when one acknowledges that the CIA's broad control of U.
The initiatives rather require continued close examination to give a more textured understanding of whether judicial accountability advocacy in this context is at its core a self-sustaining campaign challenging the structural role of lawyers in commission-based selection plans or part of a more pervasive critique, legal and popular, directed against an assertedly expansive notion of the reach of law and of the courts' interpretive role.
1961) ("In view of the state of the law relating to perpetuities and restraints on alienation and the nature of the error, if any, assertedly made by defendant in preparing the instrument, it would not be proper to hold that defendant failed to use such skill, prudence, and diligence as lawyers of ordinary skill and capacity commonly exercise.
misconduct that is assertedly less than 'egregious.
36) "According to the Court, '[t]he test of legitimacy is not whether the individual chooses to conceal assertedly "private" activity.
60) To be consistent with the case law, however, his theory must explain why a person sometimes suddenly obtains the attributed political discourse-based autonomy when engaged in politically-themed but assertedly private banter with a boy friend or in private discussions with her supervisor.
While the market assertedly will henceforth play a greater role, state planning will remain paramount.
The defendants claimed that the plaintiffs were in the practice of 'shaking down' businesses for assertedly technical violations of disability access laws.
In fact, a significant portion of my 1980 article discusses the inevitable losing battle that the Supreme Judicial Court waged with the Supreme Court over publication of assertedly obscene books.
Neither the FTC nor defendants could identify a case in which the merging parties purported to 'fix' an assertedly problematic merger by retaining (rather than divesting) assets.