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confidently declared to be so

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Sprint initiated the dispute by asserting 14 patents against Comcast's telephony products and services in the District of Kansas, including a number of patents that it had previously asserted successfully against a number of voice-over-IP telephony providers.
The events, the Foundation asserted in its legal complaint, favored religion by singling out faith-based groups as "particularly worthy of federal funding because of their religious orientation.
The IRS had not asserted a deficiency against him, which is a prerequisite for Tax Court review under Sec.
The collaboration, although intended to bring harmony to a discordant orchestra of voices and opinions, is "unprecedented in its scale and bureaucratic complexity," the Christian Science Monitor asserted in its 22 December 2004 edition.
The richness of black culture or any other minority culture is seldom asserted, and assimilation is often portrayed as one of the only tangible routes to social inclusion.
The logistics of moving military hospitals to the field "had to change," Snyder asserted, noting some older field hospitals needed more than 30 acres of space and took as long as two weeks to set up.
He would, he asserted, "like to preserve the integrity and sportsmanship of a great conference for future athletes.
If a lawsuit asserted other claims in addition to medical malpractice, the old rules allowed a plaintiff to bring all claims in any county relevant to any of the claims.
In a period when radicals on the coast were denouncing the landlordism of the highlands, Cuzco elites asserted that they were blameless; the abuses came from newcomers (gamonales) who administered the lands (and the Indian peons on them) in immoral ways.
A common set of circumstances where long-arm jurisdiction is asserted would involve an out-of-state company that transacts business and a dispute arises from that transaction.
In broadening its cross-complaint, the city asserted the claim against Kajima Engineering is consistent with the firm's, and its parent's, business practices throughout the country.
In fact, he asserted in this passage that admiratio and stupor are kinds of fear only when aroused by evils; in the earlier question 32, article 8, which Park does not cite, far from merely "not denying wonder's affinity with pleasure and Inquiry," he had argued that wonder is a source of delight, insofar as it is the desire for knowledge and inspires the desire and hope of learning.
Freland,(8) the plaintiff asserted that the defendant police officer used deadly force in direct violation of the department's policy.
In this instance the owner asserted that even if the tenant had allowed the nephew to occupy the apartment with him, upon the death of the rent controlled tenant, the nephew's license to occupy automatically ended.
Remembering events one has witnessed or experienced rests on a process of mental construction that tends to build in errors and outright fabrications, Bartlett asserted in Remembering: A Study in Experimental and Social Psychology (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1932).