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confidently declared to be so

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He asserted that the act of goodwill is proof of Pakistan's willingness to de-escalate tensions.He added that Pakistan was willing to hand him over soon, on Friday perhaps.
Seeking inter alia monetary damages, an injunction with regard to the German market, and recall of infringing Huawei optimizers from the German market, the lawsuits are intended to prevent the defendants from selling any optimizers as far as they do infringe upon SolarEdge's IP on either of the two patents now asserted in Germany.
The verdict was a complete victory on liability as the jury found that Sprint infringed all asserted claims of the three Comcast patents-in-suit when it provided its Sprint Mobile Integration, Google Voice on Sprint, and Airave 2 small cell services.
News reports have asserted that Urs was a CIA informant who helped the Americans unravel the Khan network.
The four-page legal complaint asserted that the creation of faith-based offices violated the First Amendment and that these offices spawned further violations by holding a series of events aimed at helping religious groups win tax support.
Roberts, a journalist, details how this mathematical prodigy's work on the principles of symmetry and group theory defended "visual mathematics" during the 1940s, when a group known as the Bourbakis asserted geometry's irrelevance.
The IRS had not asserted a deficiency against him, which is a prerequisite for Tax Court review under Sec.
They rode the crest of popular movements in their countries that have forcefully asserted their humanity in the face of globalization's economic juggernaut: campaigns to reclaim water rights in Bolivia, land occupations of Brazilian farmers to transform idle lands into productive farms, fighting the encroachment of unwanted development projects by indigenous communities in Honduras and many more efforts by ordinary people who, taken as a whole, have sparked a global movement for change.
In the President's Page (January/ February 2006), Colleen Cunningham asserted that general-purpose financial statements are trying to do too much.
The Bush administration, however, has asserted that the president has the right to sign a bill into law and then use a "signing statement," a declaration by the president permitting him to interpret the bill as he sees fit--even if in so doing he blatantly violates the explicit letter of the law.
The collaboration, although intended to bring harmony to a discordant orchestra of voices and opinions, is "unprecedented in its scale and bureaucratic complexity," the Christian Science Monitor asserted in its 22 December 2004 edition.
According to the court, the prisoner failed to establish that group prayer was a constitutionally protected activity, even though the prisoner asserted that he was forced to pray in his cell in the presence of a toilet, which his religion allegedly forbade.
They have asserted that examining age cohorts, from the newborn to the elderly, not only serves to integrate the previously underrepresented, but also gives new perspectives on larger social change within both historical and contemporary contexts.
The richness of black culture or any other minority culture is seldom asserted, and assimilation is often portrayed as one of the only tangible routes to social inclusion.
The logistics of moving military hospitals to the field "had to change," Snyder asserted, noting some older field hospitals needed more than 30 acres of space and took as long as two weeks to set up.