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Synonyms for assent

Synonyms for assent

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

the act or process of accepting

Synonyms for assent

agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

to agree or express agreement

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Samuel Duwar, the head of parliamentary committee for defense and public security said the assembly has constitutional powers to pass any bill into law without the president assent should two third majority of lawmakers approve it.
In this case the assent of the president is not required," the lawmaker told Sudan Tribune .
b) Should the President withhold assent to the Bill and give reasons within the aforementioned thirty days, the Bill shall be re-introduced to the Assembly to consider the observations of the President.
While it gives moral support to the Parliament of the United Kingdom, its assent is not legally necessary for the British Parliament to change the laws of succession for the United Kingdom, and its assent to a British act does not actually change the laws of succession for Canada.
Instead of following what happened in those years, the Succession to the Throne Act, 2013 is fundamentally different because it gives assent to an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which it acknowledges does not extend to Canada.
Of course--and this is the key warning--a certain impression may contradict one or several of our opinions without our being aware of it, which holds most clearly for the case of precipitate assent; in comparison, as mentioned earlier, the agent assents to any impression that comes to his mind, without stopping to examine it.
Although he takes great pains to show that external factors cannot possibly determine our thoughts and actions, given that our interaction with them is always mediated by our impressions and assents, he does not, in doing so, erase every source of determination; he just moves it from the outside to the interior of the mind.
With these and other personal references, Newman engages his reader's notional assents of profession and of credence, as he calls them, apprehensions one might have of the truth of an authority or a political party.
Again, he draws out the reader's shallower assents to notions about men and institutions, then either carries the reader away from, or deeper into, those assents.
Dissent generally involves a public and formal act of disagreement, whereas withholding assent is not necessarily public.
If you've done those things and you still can't agree, then you are withholding an internal assent.
Contracts and agreements require actions or words that indicate assent and acceptance.
a) A person or electronic agent manifests assent to a record or term in a record if the person, acting with knowledge of, or after having an opportunity to review the record or term, or the electronic agent, after having had an opportunity to review:
The Bombay Inams ( Kutch Area) Abolition Repeal Bill: Assent given after 2 years.
The Gujarat Private Universities Amendment Bill, 2011: Assent given after 8 months.