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Synonyms for assenting

agreeing with or consenting to (often unwillingly)


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This is because faith is not merely a very strong inferential belief that p, supported by a premise about the truthfulness of the speaker, but rather a way of assenting to what a speaker says by means of adhering to that speaker.
So, since 1931, when the Statute of Westminster recognised the equality of Canada, and the other realms, with the United Kingdom, there has been no example of the Canadian Parliament assenting to an act of the United Kingdom Parliament affecting the Crown for Canada, without it having to become part of Canadian law.
Although Epictetus sometimes seems to place the impression itself as the trigger of our actions (5), the distinction between having an impression and assenting to it is crucial, not only for Epictetus' orthodoxy, but also for his entire pedagogical enterprise, because as we shall see, the possibility of adopting the critical attitude defining the first step in the road to moral and epistemic improvement lies in human beings' capacity to refrain from assenting to a given impression.
Naaman-Zauderer sees this deontological view of rationality as offering a solution to the much discussed problem of the Cartesian circle: even if Descartes' argument is circular and even if our clear and distinct ideas might indeed be false, we would not be considered irrational for assenting to them.
By assenting to that doctrine as part of the Appeals Court panel, John Roberts has endorsed executive despotism as a "wartime" necessity--in a war that may last for a generation or more.