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a program to convert assembly language into machine language

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A third school assembly program from MADD is for elementary schools.
I have been using document assembly programs in my practice for about four years and it has revolutionized the way I practice.
Received overwhelming teacher feedback; 97% of teachers rated the ACE experience better than other high school assembly programs.
This is a significant milestone for the C-17,'' Mark DeVoss, general manager for supplies and parts management with Boeing's Long Beach C-17 assembly program, told about 100 Northrop Grumman employees gathered for the celebration.
R] Two-Day Assembly program providing customers the connectors they need on a just-in-time basis.
Students from Consul School and Val Marie School will see first-hand how their government works, through the Provincial Capital Commissions A Day in the Legislative Assembly program.
Those People is a unique forty-minute middle or high school assembly program that uses the Holocaust and Hitler's tactics as the ultimate bully machine paradigm.
2) Developing a water conservation assembly program that reflects current California educational standards.
The move would spare the plant's key assembly programs, including the Boeing 717 commercial aircraft assembly program, and therefore is not expected to result in any new layoffs.
Nasdaq: WSCI) today reported the securing of a manufacturing and assembly program with a new customer.
Tenders are invited for providing environmental sustainability education,particularly water conservation education, and performing arts services for the environmental education school assembly program (school assembly program).
17 Henry David Thoreau Elementary School in Long Island City, New York, where more than 700 students and faculty participated in the assembly program.
Berenato, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ducommun, stated, "We are very pleased to continue, on a long-term basis, our involvement with the 737 aircraft, and on the spoiler assembly program, in particular.
The robot will then analyse the task and generate an assembly program, including exception handling, and design 3D printable fingers, tailored for gripping the parts at hand.