assembly language

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a low-level programing language

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Gauss Jordan uses 438 assembly language instructions while the Gauss elimination method uses 514 assembly language instructions.
The material is for advanced students, practicing engineers, and hobbyists who understand digital logic design, microcontrollers, and PLCs; are familiar with the PIC16F series of microcontrollers; and have experience writing programs using PIC assembly language within an MPLAB integrated development environment.
Equally significant is the ability to create this solution using high-level C code rather than resource intensive custom assembly language programming.
Metrowerks produces the C, C++, Java and assembly language CodeWarrior set of software development tools for desktop and embedded systems programming.
Intended for computer science students and programmers of varied experience levels, this textbook on computer design and engineering provides a firm foundation in hardware engineering and computer architecture that will aid readers not only in working with hardware design and assembly language programming, but inform software engineers as to the underlying technologies and principles at work in machines they program for.
Readers should have a basic knowledge of digital systems and prior exposure to assembly language programming.
Technically, Miva Script Compiler converts code created in XML compliant Miva Script into Miva Assembly language.
Around 90% of the software code can be written in a high level language, unusual for the DSP market, where native assembly language is typically used for performance reasons.
The best way to understand how assembly language programming works is to learn one in detail, says Mahout (automatic control and hardware computing, Toulouse U.
Pomona) explains the fundamentals of assembly language programming, using the Motorola MC68000/68020 and Intel Pentium microprocessor chips to instruct computer engineering students with knowledge of basic digital logic on how these devices actually work.
The Intel IPP includes optimized assembly language code that will increase the audio and video performance of Macromedia Flash content to provide a compelling Macromedia Flash experience for mobile device users.
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