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Synonyms for assembler

a person or business that makes or builds something

Synonyms for assembler

a program to convert assembly language into machine language

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For heavy commercial vehicles, the model age will be 15 years for the assemblers to sell.
These two bazaars are mainly organised for used-bike seekers but many assemblers and theirdealers also display new bikes at their stalls on Sunday.
Although the mainland Chinese chipmaker has sent samples to Taiwan's assemblers for verification, they said San'an's chips are still underperforming as compared with Taiwan's chips.
It is imperative for any OEM to have early supplier involvement ("ESI") with its flex manufacturers and assemblers.
It is to allow enterprising assemblers to establish micro-assembly sites across the country, with each producing around 10,000 cars per annum.
If all the above conditions are satisfied, the assembler issues a declaration.
In theory, universal assemblers decouple manufacturing from traditional raw material markets.
Pakistan motorcycle market and industry is now experimenting a phenomenal change after entry of new motorcycle assemblers who obtained technology and technical collaboration from Chinese companies.
A consequence of this balancing act can be that after not too long a time the assemblers lose concentration on the task at hand and there can be quality problems.
From what I'm hearing, some contract assemblers are feeling left out in the cold when it comes to design and design changes.
This paper examines how the arrival and expansion of Japanese automotive assemblers in North America during the 1980s and 1990s, has been characterized by a complex process of mutual adaptation by both the transplant assemblers and North American suppliers.
and university collaborators Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center for Automation Technologies, the University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of North Texas will accelerate the production and commercialization of low- cost assemblers for micro- and nanoscale components and subsystems.
Aircraft structure, surfaces, and systems assemblers - sub Group
Both the new auto assemblers and used cars importers -- mainly overseas Pakistanis coming back home with used cars are now battling
KARACHI -- Motorcycles became costlier in the last five years while local car assemblers have also pushed up prices citing rising value of yen and dollar against the rupee, hike in transportation charges, utility bills, wages etc.