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Synonyms for assembler

a person or business that makes or builds something

Synonyms for assembler

a program to convert assembly language into machine language

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Following steps have to be taken: 1) allow creation of corporate entities to run buses on different routes to begin with, 2) provide soft-term loans to these corporate entities, 3) ask insurance companies to issue comprehensive insurance policies to minimize the expenses in case of any accident, 4) no import duty/levies should be collected on the vehicles sold by the local assemblers and 5) import of CBUs should not be allowed to protect the local assemblers.
The new suite of PowerPC assemblers can also be used to test pure PowerPC assembler hand code.
Some Taiwanese assemblers said the mainland's chipmakers can hardly convince Taiwan's assemblers to use their products as the chipmakers, in most cases, have set up integrated production mode in cooperation with the mainland's LED assemblers and application-product suppliers, making the mainland's assemblers threatening to Taiwan's assemblers as soon as they grow full-fledged with the money made by the chipmakers from Taiwanese assemblers.
Prototype: After the design is complete, the flex manufacturers and assemblers physically create a proof-of-concept product prototype.
Clerity has many years of experience moving Assembler to COBOL.
As well, heightened concerns about national security in countries like the United States, and the staggering potential of nanotechnology in a range of military applications, means that the exchange of knowledge about how to construct a universal assembler will be a closely guarded secret.
Many assemblers have not forced the issue of DfM within their companies or customers.
While exact figures were not always possible to obtain, one US-based transplant manufacturer estimated that while two-thirds of their suppliers were US-owned, Japanese suppliers in Japan and North America accounted for two-thirds of the value of contracts (Japanese transplant assembler, 27 August, 1997).
Using the Fermat technique; complex re-engineered and transformed into a more modern and flexible Java, C or CoBOL-based environment Re-engineering legacy Assembler code has always been seen as one of the most significant barriers to effectively transforming mixed Assembler and COBOL application.
By carefully controlling the placement of each atom or molecule, this assembler can, in principal, make almost any material or mechanism we can design.
I will be here until the whole thing is resolved,'' said Luis Cruz, a 35-year-old former assembler who had been with Price Pfister for eight years.
A value-added distributor and manufacturer of interface, integration, and systems products, BTX Technologies, and Neutrik, a manufacturer of connectivity solutions, have announced that BTX has received its biennial recertification as an opticalCON assembler.
The assembler of Honda cars completely changes models after every four to five years while assemblers of Toyota cars take years to completely change a model and instead make cosmetic changes only.
1 IC assembler by output capacity, said it has begun offering 2.
com)-- LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, has developed a variant of the LDRA tool suite that supports x86 assembler syntax.
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