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Synonyms for assembler

a person or business that makes or builds something

Synonyms for assembler

a program to convert assembly language into machine language

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Assembler era nanotechnology will create a new kind of bullionism.
We stopped three of our suppliers who needed to clean up and they have made significant savings in the last two months - one cut inventory by 60 percent and reduced space needs by 40% (Japanese transplant assembler, 15 July 1997).
Migrating low-level Assembler code to the more flexible COBOL programming language lowers annual software maintenance fees, improves application portability and flexibility, and helps businesses respond quickly to market changes.
Chinese bike assemblers have also raised prices, but their increase is not in the range of Japanese assemblers.
In one case, a smaller transplant assembler stated that they did not have the engineering support to co--ordinate an SI strategy and relied on larger keiretsu suppliers to manage the supply network (Japanese transplant assembler, 17 December 1996).
With the integration of SML's FermaT technology into the Relativity solution users can analyze their Assembler programs in detail, uncover and manage business logic, and even share information with colleagues over the Web -- all through Relativity's Modernization Workbench.
Premise one was the "multiple pathways" point, the observation that there were many distinct alternative routes, all of them leading toward the fabled assemblers.
The massive March earthquake in Japan disrupted parts supply from Japan to local auto assemblers, whose revenues have been affected by lower production since March by 30% to 60%, respectively.
Countermind's MI Application Assembler promises to revolutionize the enterprise mobility market with a standards-based software product for capturing business processes and easily creating mobile workforce applications that support a wide variety of connectivity methods and handheld devices.
LDRA Meets Legacy Certification Needs as Sole Provider of Assembler Certification Tools
As consumers benefit from the long-term infusion of eCommerce, will assembler and supplier profits suffer?
AARHUS, Denmark -- Today, CLC bio released a groundbreaking whole-genome de novo assembler that will assemble genomes of any size, including human and plant genomes on a single workstation computer.
VSIC) as well as assembler Chipbond Technology Corp.
Quad will offer a series of seven fully compatible high-speed SMT assembler models that are designed to meet a wide variety of production requirements.
The new assembler comes in two different editions, as a standalone command-line interface and as a graphical user interface through a plug-in for CLC Genomics Workbench.
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