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Synonyms for assemblage

Synonyms for assemblage

Synonyms for assemblage

a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose


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several things grouped together or considered as a whole

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In doing so, they are again adding to the number of logical connections across the assemblage.
However, not all studies have reported reduced mussel assemblages following impoundment; not when the pre-impoundment assemblage was comprised of generalist species (Neck, 1989) or when environmental conditions for the native assemblage were optimized after impoundment (White and White, 1977).
duodenalis isolates were assemblage A; 41 subgenotype A1 (38 human and 3 canine) and 18 subgenotype A2 (16 human and 2 canine).
Abstract--Fjord estuaries are common along the northeast Pacific coastline, but little information is available on fish assemblage structure and its spatiotemporal variability.
13, Bailey (3), and Schumaker (2), the Turtle Butte Assemblage was determined to be late early Arikareean in age.
These DNA preparations, together with the 11 oligonucleotide primer sequences presented in Table 2, were then used for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplifications of the 292-bp ssrRNA (19), 753-bp and 384bp [beta]-giardin (19), 432-bp gdh (20), and 148-bp and 81-bp tpi segments which were specific for assemblage A and B respectively (21), under PCR conditions previously described (19-21) using pfu DNA polymerase (Fermebtus, Lithuania).
We experimentally determined the interactive effect of the occurrence of the long-spine sea urchin, Diadema antillarum, depth and sedimentation levels on macroalgal assemblage structure on eastern Atlantic rocky reefs.
If every ideal or desiring assemblage reveals itself to be political in its action as in its effects, if an intrinsic interlinking connects these two terms in a co-definition, then it is to the extent that it bears witness to a mode of existence which consorts with or divorces itself from life.
Phytoplankton taxa exhibit various affinities for the uptake of a limiting substrate at different temperatures, and assemblage structure among thermally diverse habitats may differ along a spatial gradient (Raven and Geider, 1988).
The results of these are rarely published, and knowledge of stone artefact assemblage composition is restricted to general statements that assemblages contain small numbers of artefacts, the majority of which are made on quartz.
It foregrounds the affective tensions, the complex 'pushes and pulls' that characterize what in this paper we call participation as assemblage.
They discuss the history of the Plainview site in Texas, the Plainview type assemblage, and what is known about the site and the Plainview style; the stratigraphic, geochronologic, and paleoenvironmental contexts, and the bone and stone assemblage characteristics from Plainview; sites west of the Great Plains with some Plainview affinities, including the Belen style from the Central Rio Grande, southern New Mexico, Trans-Pecos Texas, Chihuahua, the Colorado Plateau of northern Arizona, and Black Rock Concave Base; and numerical analyses of Plainview and morphologically similar assemblages.
Josh Zegen, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of MRC, said, " We believe this is an incredibly well-located assemblage with great prospects for successful redevelopment into luxury condominiums and class A retail.
Kwanchewan interprets these events not as the continuation of a traditional religious movement, but as an assemblage of different agencies involved in building the pagoda.
Project Description : To Establish a multimillion tricycle assemblage plant in Nigeria