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the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa


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And when Abergavenny's Pte Robert Jones - just 21 when he suffered multiple assegai wounds rescuing patients from the Rorke's Drift hospital - was buried in Herefordshire, humiliatingly, his grave didn't face the church like others because he committed suicide, haunted by what happened this day 136 years ago.
Everybody there appeared to be under arms, with machetes, staves and even assegais.
The result was that while the "invading" Africans were armed only with collapsible assegais (spears), white Afrikaner films extras had their own ideas about art reproducing reality, and were rumored to have secreted live ammunition into the laager for the "shooting.
When he found one, he saw several African artifacts, including grotesque wooden masks, scenic paintings, and assegais.
Superstitious beliefs take away the mind's power, rather than bestowing physical power on enemy assegais.
Already assegais of new grass are thrusting through the scorched earth, prickling your eyes with their pointed green.
At the head of the tide, fists stab the sky like assegais, ululating women ripple their shoulders and swell their hips at the police.
The young man decides to set a trap for Inzawu by digging a great pit and filling it with sharp assegais.
LET us talk about juvenile crime: I have to say that I got my first serious knife when I was five and what is more I was brought up in a house the walls of which were covered in sabres, assegais, spears, rifles of all sorts and a poisoned arrow from the Congo, and I have never even knicked anybody.