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the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa


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Had they been manning the barricades at Rorke's Drift, presumably, they would have saluted the advancing army with a volley of traditional hand gestures and a rousing chorus of "you're *** and you know you are" - and then dialled up 606 to complain "those nasty Zulus have been waving their assegais at us
As we were trying to pick him up they began to attack us with some assegais they carried with them, wounding the Commander-in-Chief and three or four men.
She cheerfully accepted that there were three people in this marriage, and was on affable terms with Clio, even it, in her dining room, the asparagus had to compete with the assegais.
They have applied for the right to parade through Loyalist areas for the next month, banging their assegais on their shields and chanting their traditional cry, roughly translated as: "Death to the pasty white-skinned folk.
The warrior impis, or regiments, march again at IFP rallies, waving their shields and assegais and shouting their war cries.
A climax like the Zulus at Rorke's Drift beating assegais against their shields to produce a drumming similar in menace to the Carabinieri slapping truncheons against their thighs.
The right to assemble "peacefully and unarmed" is abused on a regular basis by Inkatha members who attend gatherings and embark on public marches, openly displaying assegais, battle-axes, and "traditional" weapons.
The waves drummed on the shore like turbanned warriors, like turbanned men who advance with poisoned assegais who, whirling their arms on high, advance upon the feeding flocks, the white sheep.
I a Xhosa, say you are my brothers, Swazis, Pondos, Basutos, we die like brothers, for though they made us leave our assegais in the kraal, our voices are left with our bodies".
As such the Grand Slam has revived thoughts of mystical medieval victories over the illegitimate sons of the Roman hordes and blood is running high with all eyes now turning to the Southern Hemisphere where the Boks lie in wait with assegais a-ready to puncture the bright red jerseys of our new heroes.
FROM the safety of their lounge chairs, millions of TV viewers have heard the thunder of Zulus beating their hide shields with assegais.
But in a recent poem, for instance, the Durban-based activist and academic Ari Sitas sees fit to describe his home city as a place where "mechanical bullfrogs and cicadas grind away / and sometimes wounded cars cough by pierced by assegais / and sometimes surfers emerge from the mouths / of microwave ovens / and always / life continues like the sound of splintering glass" ("Ethekwini"), while Khulile Nxumalo can remember the April 1994 elections as a time when "canned frog toes in telkom wrappings were / served to the newcomers we taught them how to / vote they taught us how to wait / in mamba long queues / it rained glass and cadbury eclairs that year" ("Xstacy").
They forgot about pushing the darts and threw them like assegais.