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the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa


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The wife is angry with God and men for failing to create a more loving civilization; only in the future can one hope for "some calmer day" when "she may cease to blame / The thick-lipped Kaffre with his assegai, / Forced by a tyrant's will to swell his fame" (p.
Curiously, notes Knight, for people used to using the assegai, the Zulus seemed to fear the bayonet more than the bullets.
I had three assegai wounds, two in the right side and one in the left but after a long time of fighting at the door we made them retire, and then we made our escape out of the building.
I wish an assegai would fly through the window and spear Miss Fish dead.
At the end of this period, the eloquent historian CW de Kiewiet in his History of South Africa, Social and Economic evocatively recreated the world of the assegai and the ox-wagon (particularly the latter) and the painful evolution out of these accompaniments to rural backwardness and agrarian stagnation which dotted the terrain on which South African society stood.
While invoking Daumier, Heartfield, and Cuban poster art, the militant imagery commingles Kalashnikov rifles and African assegai with depictions of party members distributing free breakfasts to children and escorting the elderly through crime-ridden streets.
Yesterday a group of Britons were killed in a bus crash in the Assegai Valley of South Africa.
Lady Stevens took photographs as Britain's most distinguished policeman and I tried to tug a 10ft fence plank out of my chassis; it had somehow managed to drive itself into the fog light and out of the other side of the car, so the Volvo resembled a gazelle impaled by an Assegai spear.
IN HER CHISELED ECSTASY, Saint Teresa sprawls before a cherub who brandishes an assegai, the disemboweler and the sacralized, bringer and receiver of rapture, hunter and hippo.
The child "avenger" uses an old-fashioned assegai, a type of spear.
The translation thus uses Southern African terms such as kraal, impi, assegai, kloof, induna, inkosi, kgotla, indaba, sangoma and muti (among many others), and assimiliates the Homeric world to a tribal rather than a courtly context.
I dance wildly inside myself; I yell within, I whoop; I shake my assegai above my head, I hurl it true to the mark yeeeooww
With such characteristically African tides as Matabela, Matatulu, and Matumba--the names of their chief personae--and first published in the monthly Yiddish journal Dorem Afrike during n the 1950s, these narratives vivify for the first time in Yiddish literature the bush, the kraal, the assegai, the ankle ring.
Aside from the assegai stabbing, there was a fair amount of back-stabbing amongst the British officers that makes fascinating reading, the three principals of the story, Wood, Buller and Chelmsford, not being immune.