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the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa


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Naschem has developed its 155 mm Assegai family to the point where not only is it optimised for the latest 52-calibre barrels but also compatible with 47-, 45- and 39-calibre barrels.
Lady Stevens took photographs as Britain's most distinguished policeman and I tried to tug a 10ft fence plank out of my chassis; it had somehow managed to drive itself into the fog light and out of the other side of the car, so the Volvo resembled a gazelle impaled by an Assegai spear.
IN HER CHISELED ECSTASY, Saint Teresa sprawls before a cherub who brandishes an assegai, the disemboweler and the sacralized, bringer and receiver of rapture, hunter and hippo.
The child "avenger" uses an old-fashioned assegai, a type of spear.
The translation thus uses Southern African terms such as kraal, impi, assegai, kloof, induna, inkosi, kgotla, indaba, sangoma and muti (among many others), and assimiliates the Homeric world to a tribal rather than a courtly context.
I dance wildly inside myself; I yell within, I whoop; I shake my assegai above my head, I hurl it true to the mark yeeeooww
With such characteristically African tides as Matabela, Matatulu, and Matumba--the names of their chief personae--and first published in the monthly Yiddish journal Dorem Afrike during n the 1950s, these narratives vivify for the first time in Yiddish literature the bush, the kraal, the assegai, the ankle ring.
Aside from the assegai stabbing, there was a fair amount of back-stabbing amongst the British officers that makes fascinating reading, the three principals of the story, Wood, Buller and Chelmsford, not being immune.
Seeing a Mgogo warrior decorated with war paint, wearing ostrich and eagle feathers in his hair and ivory bracelets on his ankles and arms, dressed in a long, streaming crimson robe, and carrying a shield, an assegai, and a double-edged and pointed "man cleaver," Stanley acknowledges that the native can be a frightful figure.
Alternating by chapters with the foregoing, there also is a third story of Henderson, a British army officer who had lost an eye but gained a very special spear, an African assegai, in the course of dealing with assorted renegades and the like in the "Dark Continent", during the days of Empire.
He's as tough and honest as you get," remarked Tim Doyle after his nine-year-old gelding, Sail Away Sailor, under Garrett Cotter, forged past Flute Band on the run to the final flight, to land the three mile maiden hurdle, with disappointing odds-on shot Assegai only fourth.
Their strategy, Shakaba learned later when he was chained and waiting to be sold, was to form a semi-circle in the shape of a bull's horn, with sixty warriors at each tip, all armed with assegai - short spears, and strong oxhide shields half a man's height.