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Synonyms for assay

Synonyms for assay

a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

a trying to do or make something

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for assay

an appraisal of the state of affairs

a substance that is undergoing an analysis of its components

Related Words

a written report of the results of an analysis of the composition of some substance

a quantitative or qualitative test of a substance (especially an ore or a drug) to determine its components

analyze (chemical substances)

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The Procleix Zika Virus assay has been in use since June 2016 under an Investigational New Drug protocol to screen donated blood collected in the U.S.
Additionally, the Panther Fusion system and Panther Fusion Flu A/B/RSV, Paraflu, and AdV/hMPV/RV assays have been CE-marked for diagnostic use and are commercially available in Europe, concluded the company.
SGS has initiated the evaluation and qualification of these assays and plans to offer them as a service within a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Good Clinical Practice (GCP) environment for clients.
Multiple reaction monitoring assay approach gives better sensitivity, specificity, and speed of detection in wide range of analyte concentration.
Furthermore, growing benefits of cell-based assays over other methods, their increasing adoption in drug discovery, and advancements in automation and high-throughput techniques will aid market growth.
"Cell-based Assays Market by Product, Applications, End User, & Region - Global Forecast to 2020," November 2015, MarketsandMarkets, 178 pages, $4,650.
If a physicochemical assay is being run, it is reasonable to assume that the system will work as expected, with all the controls and assay parameters being reproducible from one assay to the next.
Performance of the Siemens and IL assays were controlled using Siemens Control plasma N and P and IL ST1 and ST2 controls.
BioTek's ELx405 microplate washer is now available with vacuum filtration and biomagnetic separation modules to meet the growing demand for automated washing of microbead-based assays. Full 96- and 384-well microplate washing for bead-based assays, as well as standard ELISAs, is available for users who are incorporating various assay types.
109 specimens were positive and 163 were negative by all three assays. The sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values of Meridian EIA assay were 99.1, 97.7, 96.6, and 99.4%.
(San Diego, CA) has patented functional assays that use the T1R1 receptor to screen for taste modulatory compounds are provided.
Angiogenesis assays; a critical appraisal of current techniques.