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Synonyms for assay

Synonyms for assay

a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

a trying to do or make something

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for assay

an appraisal of the state of affairs

a substance that is undergoing an analysis of its components

Related Words

a written report of the results of an analysis of the composition of some substance

a quantitative or qualitative test of a substance (especially an ore or a drug) to determine its components

analyze (chemical substances)

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The samples were then sent to an Assayers laboratory in Canada where they were certified.
Samples were then sent to Assayers Canada of Smithers, BC, where they were crushed, processed and underwent a 24 element multi-leach ICP analysis.
All pit related core will be sent to the Company's assayers, Alex Stewart Geochemical, prior to the Camp being closed the assayers have been asked to have all core assayed and reported back to the Company by January 25, 2009.
During the audit, three independent geologists and two assayers conducted four geological reviews and full custodial assays on all its properties, although only the Skull Valley property was verified for the purpose of the audit.
A group of 1,500 soil samples have been analyzed by Alex Stewart Assayers in the UK, a NI 43-101 compliant laboratory.
In conjunction with the audit, independent assayers have also completed chain-of-custody assays of the Company's Skull Valley (Ariz.
Smith as he receives the data from the metallurgists and assayers nor will it delay the marketing of the El Capitan property.
Drill core samples are assayed by Assayers Canada of Vancouver, BC.