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an analyst who assays (performs chemical tests on) metals

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Commenting on the content of his presentation, Dippal said: "With all of the advances in technology, for gold the fire assay process still remains the reference procedure of choice for the assayer demanding the highest accuracy.
Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) revealed on Monday that ICE Futures Singapore has selected Brink's as the approved vault operator, while Metalor will provide assayer services, for a physically delivered ICE one-kilo gold futures contract.
Thubten, who traded in his Western name for his Tibetan name, said he was "floored" by the fact that in Buddhism, people are told to challenge prevailing ideas and "examine the teachings like an assayer would look at gold.
The elements of the Galilean revolution Fletcher emphasizes (citing en passant The Assayer, The Sidereal Messenger, and Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems) include Galileo's epochal reimagining of the Book of the World as one written in mathematical symbols; his equally epochal positing of inertia as the key to understanding the local motion of bodies, including planetary ones; his positing of motion as the critical problem for "philosophy" in his time; his factoring in of the relative viewing position, hence the detached observer--hence the telescope and the microscope--to the production of scientific knowledge.
If Rampersad the researcher-chronicler is praiseworthy for the most part, Rampersad the assayer of behavior engenders some questions.
They concur with recent refutations of Pietro Redondi's views and focus on recently revealed documents they attribute to the Jesuit Melchior Inchofer, who was asked by Inquisitors to consider whether passages in Galileo's Assayer exposed the astronomer to charges of heresy.
Most homes had a blowtorch, and every hobbyist, machine shop, farmer, logger, dentist, assayer and everyone in the trades--painters, plumbers, tinsmiths, mechanics--all utilized them.
Then the assayer stamped his own company name on the bar as his personal guarantee of accuracy.
He pointed out that the last mention of atomism was in Galileo's Assayer, published in 1623, but Galileo's condemnation occurred a decade later in 1633.
Prazen, the artist and sculptor from Helper, Utah, and his assistant installed the miners: an assayer, blacksmith, hoist operator, jackleg operator, and a man in a cage.
As gold assayer for the federal Mint in San Francisco, Haraszthy found himself embroiled in a scandal involving the disappearance of $150,000 in gold, Though exonerated by a jury, the affair soiled his reputation at the same time that phylloxera, a root-devouring insect, devastated his vines.
Major Works The Sidereal Messenger (1610), The Assayer (1623), Dialogue on the Two Great World Systems (1632) Discourses on Two New Sciences (1638)
This insubstantial argument derives from Galileo's famous metaphor in The Assayer (1623) of the universe being written in mathematical symbols.
Master Daniel the Saxon, the assayer accompanying Gilbert in 1583, had such a movable furnace aboard his ship.