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an analyst who assays (performs chemical tests on) metals

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Commenting on the content of his presentation, Dippal said: "With all of the advances in technology, for gold the fire assay process still remains the reference procedure of choice for the assayer demanding the highest accuracy.
Too many things don't add up: geologists find the former assayer's boulder story improbable, the manpower required to hand-mine and transport seventy tons of rock across the Yukon terrain is beyond Herculean and most suspiciously, Gerry's ore looks a lot like the ore found in UKHM's Elsa mine.
Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) revealed on Monday that ICE Futures Singapore has selected Brink's as the approved vault operator, while Metalor will provide assayer services, for a physically delivered ICE one-kilo gold futures contract.
Testing the strength of written legal reasoning is even more delicate and relies even more heavily on the assayer's experience and judgment than does testing concrete samples.
(8) Citation (from Galileo's The Assayer) in Peter Machamer, "Galileo's machines, his mathematics, and his experiments", in The Cambridge Companion to Galileo, ed.
Johnson Matthey is a United Kingdombased company founded in 1817 by Mr Johnson as gold assayer in London and later became the official assayer for Bank of England.
(15) Galileo Galilei, The Assayer, in Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo, trans.
Eulogizing the bravery of Martyr Assayer Abba, Rehman said that the brave soldier has saved the country from a great catastrophe and the country is proud of her heroes.
The silver, platinum and palladium bullion held by the trust is inspected biannually by the independent metal assayer, Inspectorate International.
Canning, who had completed part of the mining engineering program at McGill University, was working as an assayer for Sullivan and Canning in 1905, when he was directed to conduct geological studies in conjunction with Sullivan's survey work.
(2.) Galileo also made this distinction; see Galileo Galilei, The Assayer, trans.
Hanks (after whom hanksite was later named), who was to become the first state mineralogist in 1880, was sent to investigate, and he became the assayer for the San Carlos mine.
Thubten, who traded in his Western name for his Tibetan name, said he was "floored" by the fact that in Buddhism, people are told to challenge prevailing ideas and "examine the teachings like an assayer would look at gold."