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Synonyms for assay

Synonyms for assay

a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

a trying to do or make something

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for assay

an appraisal of the state of affairs

a substance that is undergoing an analysis of its components

Related Words

a written report of the results of an analysis of the composition of some substance

a quantitative or qualitative test of a substance (especially an ore or a drug) to determine its components

analyze (chemical substances)

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2] or the environmental chemicals for 12 hr; extracts were then assayed for luciferase activity.
The resulting split was assayed by ICP after having been digested in Aqua Regia.
A grab sample from a quartz vein exposed in one of the trenches assayed 5.
The sample, located at UTM coordinates 6800828N 508014E, assayed 3.
The Company is developing a family of zebrafish microplate assays with compelling advantages: 1) short assay time, 2) single dosing, 3) small amount of drug required for each test, 4) statistically significant numbers of animals can be assayed for each condition, 5) embryos maintenance during drug delivery is easy, and 6) low cost: the estimated cost of each zebrafish assay is less than $100.
Most of the samples were analysed by ICP and assayed for gold at Eco Tech labs in Kamloops, with the remaining samples analysed by ICP at Acme Laboratories in Vancouver.
The Crow vein system, which has been newly trenched south of the existing pit for approximately 90 meters, had one 10 meter section which assayed 11.