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disposed to attack


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Amantadine [4] Improved arousal, decreased fatigue, decreased distractibility, and decreased assaultiveness.
a medical expert testified that "aggressiveness, assaultiveness, and agitation" generated by the tricyclic antidepressant Sinequan had played a significant role in the crime.
Many authors have written on aggression, describing and documenting assaultiveness in a variety of populations and settings, especially hospital settings, inpatient psychiatric wards and nursing homes.
Thus, if the resident escalates to assaultiveness, a duplicate item (e.
Other means include assaultiveness and fighting, cruelty to people and animals, defiant disobedience, staying out late, running away from home, impulsive stealing, early sexual promiscuity, persistent lying, experimentation with drugs, and destructiveness (vandalism).
A more objective basis for selection of climate indicators can be gleaned by reviewing literature on institutional disturbances and assaultiveness.