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disposed to attack


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It held that assaultive felonies merge into the resulting homicide (43) when it overturned the murder conviction of a defendant who resisted an officer's lawful arrest and the officer died as a result of that resistance.
Rewarding behavior that the inmates should already be doing can be a tough sell, particularly if the inmates in question have had assaultive, abusive or abrasive interactions with correctional staff.
This is not to say that prosecution of assaultive patients is unjust or useless in all cases; I'm aware of at least one case where the stern admonition of a judge, combined with a substantial suspended sentence, led to an almost miraculous change in behavior.
A, age 34, experiences auditory hallucinations and is assaultive.
No significant associations were noted with the use of hard drugs and assaultive behavior, the results indicate.
Most microaggressions aren't intentional, assaultive, or even outright discriminatory, but their effects over time communicate volumes to out-group members about what is expected of them, from them, and available to them.
The AK Party's [Justice and Development Party] wrongful, assaultive and partisan policy towards Syria is severely harming Turkey's stability and security," said Loy-oy-lu, adding that the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Turkey was related to the nation's tense relations with its neighbors.
It was determined that we needed a program to hold youth that had been aggressive and assaultive to youth and staff to greater accountability," Hurley said.
An-Nahar March 14 assaultive in the 7th anniversary for assassination Hariri pledges to prevent sectarian strife Mikati assures new indictment before end of February Opposition to call for vote of confidence on Nahhas Arabs threaten to army Syrian opposition Lavrov: "Friends of Syria" idea is a call for intervention Assafir Cabinet crisis intractable.
Spielberg is often described as the creator of the modern blockbuster, the man who unleashed the assaultive, special effects-packed enormo-movie on the world.
Her voice is like a creepy but adorable child's in a horror film set to assaultive beats and sci-fi synthesizers, a strangely beautiful combination.
On January 8, 2010, she filed suit against Skyline, alleging, inter alia, that the defendant negligently and carelessly: (a) failed to adequately supervise, monitor and protect her; (b) failed to adequately supervise, and monitor and control the individual who sexually assaulted her; (c) accepted residents for care when the facility lacked the necessary resources to care for those individuals and protect other residents; (d) placed a male residents [sic] who by the nature of their admission have a history and unpredictable and potentially violent and assaultive behavior in the same area with her; (e) placed her in a room remote from the nurses station, such that it was unsupervised; and (f) failed to provide sufficient numbers of adequately trained staff.
Teachers in China and other countries should: (1) avoid teaching a hidden curriculum; (2) understand the characteristics of a culturally assaultive classroom; (3) learn how to prepare a multicultural curriculum; (4) set objectives while using a multicultural education model; (5) involve parents in the education of children; and (6) work on changing their attitudes.
6 Chelsea Grin, Desolation of Eden (Artery) I occasionally come across reviews that talk about this Salt Lake City deathcore band's flaws, but I don't pay them any mind--this album is assaultive and jam-packed with breakdowns, and I'm not too concerned with minutiae.
While debate about abortion often features uncompromising positions and assaultive language, OaBrien has managed to write in a reasoned, almost gentle, tone that expresses sensitivity to both the gravity of the event itself and to the tragic moral choice being made by the woman faced with the decision.