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disposed to attack


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Rewarding behavior that the inmates should already be doing can be a tough sell, particularly if the inmates in question have had assaultive, abusive or abrasive interactions with correctional staff.
This is not to say that prosecution of assaultive patients is unjust or useless in all cases; I'm aware of at least one case where the stern admonition of a judge, combined with a substantial suspended sentence, led to an almost miraculous change in behavior.
Her voice is like a creepy but adorable child's in a horror film set to assaultive beats and sci-fi synthesizers, a strangely beautiful combination.
6 Chelsea Grin, Desolation of Eden (Artery) I occasionally come across reviews that talk about this Salt Lake City deathcore band's flaws, but I don't pay them any mind--this album is assaultive and jam-packed with breakdowns, and I'm not too concerned with minutiae.
Calling on international organizations to display a joint stance against the attack, Pakdil said, "This action, which violated all kinds of humanitarian values, is not only an incident between Turkey and Israel, but an assaultive attempt threatening the world peace".
That sentence had been "prescribed by the Legislature under the sentencing guidelines, based on your history of assaultive behavior, demonstrating the fact that you were dangerous to others and needed to be separated from the community," the judge told Dawson.
This assaultive behavior is between adults in an intimate, sexual, theoretically peer, and usually cohabiting relationship.
What keep all of these pieces from dissolving into purely assaultive skronk are the good humor and wit that always characterize Frith's playing and composing; there is a cheerfulness to even his most abrasive work that makes it far more listenable than that of many of his other, more ill-tempered colleagues of the period.
Applications and exemplary programs are described for treating depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, psychosis, and suicidal and assaultive behaviors.
27-30: Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) trains human service providers and other professionals to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behaviour; London; 1-800-558-8976 or register online at www.
The patient was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 250 lbs, and despite his not having had a serious assaultive incident in years, in fact not in the memory of any current caregivers, they were not reluctant to say they were terrified of him.
Perhaps most telling is Dutton's tendency to refer to perpetrators of abuse as "he" in the last half of the book, and the fact that, as a practitioner, he runs an assaultive husbands program, not an assaultive partners program.
I like to think that this uncompromising and assaultive film might single-handedly have prevented hundreds of aspiring junkies from ruining their lives.
The rationales for this procedure include protecting officers from assaultive behavior, reducing or eliminating prisoners' self-inflicted injuries, decreasing damage to police transport vehicles, and minimizing the potential for escape.