assault rifle

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any of the automatic rifles or semiautomatic rifles with large magazines designed for military use

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The AR-15 assault rifle was designed as a military weapon," said Katie Mesner-Hage, also of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder.
The project, curated by Jake Chapman, consists of new works by some of the most celebrated names in contemporary art all of whom are transforming fully decommissioned M16 assault rifles.
Police say anyone who turned in a handgun or assault rifle was given a $200 bank card.
He reportedly retreated back into the apartment building, picked up an AK-47 assault rifle, and began shooting at Killeen police officers.
In the interests of the Defense Ministry, Izhmash is working on the modernization of the AK-74 and AK-100 assault rifles in service with the Russian army, as well as developing a new standard assault rifle on the AK-12 platform which will undergo state acceptance trials in June 2013," Izhmash's chief designer Vladimir Zlobin said.
BLOOD-and-guts movie veteran Sylvester Stallone is backing Barack Obama's bid to curb assault rifles.
Obama created the working group last month after Adam Lanza used his mother's AR-15 assault rifle to kill her before slaughtering 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut.
However, the last major federal ban on assault rifle ended in 1996, due mainly to influence from the National Rifle Association (NRA).
Melbourne, July 28 ( ANI ): An amateur gunsmith has successfuly made a fully operational pistol and an assault rifle that fires from 3D printouts, with the help of plans posted on the net.
Summary: A gun club in the US is offering firearms enthusiasts the chance to express Christmas joy - by posing with Santa Claus holding a high-power assault rifle.
T]here is one unmistakable truth--the average person has absolutely no need for an assault rifle.
The local press recently focused on Sa'doun al-Sahel, a furniture merchant, who already had an AK-47 assault rifle at home but just did not feel safe.
The newswire service AFP reported on November 15 that a "truck dealer and gun-rights supporter in Florida has tripled his sales by offering a free AK-47 assault rifle to all new buyers.
Further investigation determined that the assault rifle had been reported stolen from the Coos Bay area.
This decision authorizes the production and deployment of the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) MK 16 and MK 17, as well as the Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) MK 13.