assault gun

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any of the automatic rifles or semiautomatic rifles with large magazines designed for military use

an armored vehicle with the chassis of a tank (but no turret) and a large gun

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Finally, it will assess the incorporation of assault gun battalions into infantry divisions.
The genesis of the assault gun arose from the debate during the 1930's in Germany raging between the armor and infantry communities regarding the proper combat role of armor.
The earlier vehicle, developed in the mid-1980s, serves as the basis for a complete family, including personnel carrier and fighting variants with different turret options, a 120 mm assault gun, anti-armour missile, mortar, ambulance, a 4 x 4 APC and an 8 x 8 122 mm self-propelled howitzer.
One item to note is that it has also been demonstrated with an external gun installation essentially the same as that for the US LPT Assault Gun on the Lav III.
When the German guns opened up, Baum ordered his column to turn at a nearby intersection while he sent his assault guns up an overlooking hill to silence the defenders.
Each regiment had its complement of armored personnel carriers, assault guns or tanks, artillery and sappers.
Though polls show that 80% of Americans support a renewal of the ban on semiautomatic assault guns and 72% favor stem cell research, the president stands by his obstinate opposition.
And statistically, it wasn't particularly exceptional even for the United States, where assault guns arc everywhere; as an astute reporter pointed out in the aftermath, the number of kids killed in the Littleton assault - 14 - was no more than the average number of American kids killed by guns every day, year-round.
Consider a July 10 article from the Associated Press that appeared in the Chicago Tribune under the headline, "Use of Assault Guns Rising Among Youth, U.
Unless droves of people flock into local police stations with their weapons in the next 48 hours, on New Year's day, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of assault guns that should be registered won't be.
Huddled under rice straw and dry leaves on his verandah, 70-year-old Rankothabendi Peter watched in terror as scores of women waving machetes and assault guns descended on his village out of the night.
The President's statement was certainly welcomed by pro-gunners who had become alarmed a couple weeks earlier when Barbara Bush told Associated Press that she is afraid of guns and "absolutely believes" that so-called assault guns should be outlawed.
Shinseki has stated, "This vehicle will give the Army that early strike capability with greater staying power that we need in terms of tactical battlefield mobility, mounted weapons platform, and assault guns.
California lawmakers defied the powerful NRA lobby and recently passed landmark legislation that bans assault guns and high-capacity ammunition magazines, limits the number of gun sales, requires child safety locks on new guns and outlaws the sale of cheap handguns.
Rational people have been asking why militias are running around waving assault guns and shouting "down with the government.