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murdered by surprise attack for political reasons

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He was sent for by the ministers and he came before them pale and trembling, declaring that his son had very nearly been assassinated the day before, near the palace.
she cried, "Richard our son, has been assassinated and thrown into the Thames.
don't you understand that you will be condemned to death, executed on the scaffold, perhaps assassinated and torn to pieces, just like Mynheer John and Mynheer Cornelius.
William and Justine were assassinated, and the murderer escapes; he walks about the world free, and perhaps respected.
Summary: A militia aligned with the rebel Free Syrian Army has assassinated an "emir" from ISIS, it was announced Thursday.
2: Marwan Ahmed Saeed Al-Moqbli, a colonel with the Political Security Bureau, was assassinated by gunmen in a Nissan-brand car in the Al-Qaloah area of Al-Tawahi district, Aden governorate.
THE son of assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto called in on human rights campaigner Malala Yousafzai at her Birmingham home praising her as a "national heroine.
An armed terrorist group on Thursday assassinated member of the national reconciliation sub-committee in Qudsaiya city in Damascus Countryside Mohammad Marwan Hammoudeh.
Basra / NINA / Unknown gunmen assassinated on Sunday morning 1, June a former officer in the / SWAT / forces in Basra.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani blasted the western states for their desire and attempts to monopolize scientific progress, and asked them the reason why they have assassinated Iran's top nuclear scientists.
THI QAR/ Aswat al-Iraq: Security sources said here that ex-MP Sunni tribal sheikh was assassinated before his residence in Fajr area, 350 km south of Baghdad.
The statement has asserted that the heinous incident was committed in the Chadian territory not far from the border with Sudan when the two victims were on their way to their bases in Darfur, adding that the two assassinated leaders have returned from Qatar after they have signed the Doha peace agreement on the 6 th of last April.
A YEMENI intelligence officer has been assassinated in the capital city of Sanaa, in the latest attack against security forces in the country.
NNA - The brother of Syria's Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Osama Al-Laham, was assassinated today in the Damascus street of Midan, National News Agency correspondent reported on Tuesday.
For us, it was the state of Israel which assassinated Abu Jihad," Mahmud Al-Alul, a former assistant to the PLO deputy, and now a senior official in the Fatah movement of President Mahmud Abbas, told AFP.