assassin bug

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a true bug: long-legged predacious bug living mostly on other insects

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The team found that assassin bugs plucked the web's silk threads that replicate the vibrations of a fly or other insect, causing the fooled spider to head towards the bug.
The male assassin bug sacrifices some of his offspring during his vigil, says Manica.
Revisiting paternal care in the assassin bug, Atopozelus pallens (Heteroptera: Reduviidae).
South American trypanosomiasis or 'chagas disease' is transmitted by a species of cone-nosed bug, sometimes called the assassin bug, that lives in the walls of dwellings in rural areas.
The assassin bug, a true bug, is named after its preying style.
Group #2 will be assigned the following animals: skunk, rabbit, black-footed ferret, prairie dog, and assassin bug.
He told them it was called an assassin bug and that it ate small insects, like cockroaches, using its mouth like a sharp needle to pierce the insects and suck out their juices.
Their young are ready to go as soon as they hatch--like this young assassin bug (right).
Chagas disease is transmitted by the bite of the assassin bug or vinchuca and is particularly endemic in poorer areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.
All but one species of the assassin bug genus Zelus Fabricius (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) (~60 spp.
Key words: Thread-legged assassin bug, Emesinae: Reduviidae: new species.
The Assassin Bug, which spreads Chagas disease - a slow-progressing infection that can cause fatal heart disease and deform the intenstines - and Tsetse flies, which cause schistosomiasis, a chronic illness that can damage internal organs and, in children, impair growth and brain development.