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Particularly convincing is Interior: Striped Foyer, a madcap picture of a vestibule with a side table and shifting wall planes covered in wallpaper so finely striped as to produce an assailment comparable to the queasy afterimages of Op art.
Robbed of those who would have otherwise signaled the impending assailment on the freedom of the press, Americans will more easily be led down the soft-sloping, gradual decline leading toward absolute subjection to an all-powerful feudal federal authority.
Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian national poet, warns against this kind of overt romanticization or assailment of mythology that sacrifices reality.
But it has also witnessed the perversion of common sense and the assailment of values and reason by ideology.
Those definitely are not with the state institution under the private adventurist's assailment, which if this was any sensible and responsible leadership would have defended to the hilt.