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Robbed of those who would have otherwise signaled the impending assailment on the freedom of the press, Americans will more easily be led down the soft-sloping, gradual decline leading toward absolute subjection to an all-powerful feudal federal authority.
Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian national poet, warns against this kind of overt romanticization or assailment of mythology that sacrifices reality.
30) Like Sylvia, Nan Prince experiences a disturbing emergence of passion: "She had believed herself proof against such assailment [but] she had been suddenly confronted by a new enemy, a strange power, which seemed so dangerous that she was at first overwhelmed by a sense of her own defenselessness.
But it has also witnessed the perversion of common sense and the assailment of values and reason by ideology.
Those definitely are not with the state institution under the private adventurist's assailment, which if this was any sensible and responsible leadership would have defended to the hilt.
Although it is for economic experts and economists to join issue with him in a learned talk on his claims, the IMF recipes are under tremendous assailment nowadays in the very heart of the hemisphere from where comes traditionally its chief by dint of a deal amongst the world's arbiters.