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Synonyms for assailer

one who starts a hostile action

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CHARSADDA, 16 April, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Police arrested injured accomplice of suicide assailer, who has been reported to be involved in the suicidal blast at Hari Chand Check post here Thursday and after his detention police shifted him to some unidentified place for further investigations.
Who can believe that the council does not hold a great share of responsibility, at a time when its elements were watching the assailers using all sorts of weapons to oppress the demonstrators?
According to details late on Monday night militants fired number of rockets at a police check post near Baran Bridge on Miran Shah Road, while in retaliation firing from the Police the assailers went away, however no casualty was reported.
Rehman Malik has stated that the 3 assailers of Manawa Police Training School terrorist attack blew themselves with explosive materials, while 4 others have been detained by the security forces.
Morris added, "I was induced to believe that the enemy had discovered her approach, and made the attempt to board her, and that in the confusion naturally consequent upon such an action some sparks of fire were unfortunately communicated to the train which in a moment launched both the assailers and assailed into eternity.