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Synonyms for asquint

(used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy

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You could side with my father who said that you could not tell whether she was from the city because she said her 'o's like blushing 'auww's; because she rushed her Arabic, making shlongs of her salaams; and because she was at pains to point between the shades of indiscretion but stood asquint before the blacks and whites of right and wrong.
Emerson re~n'ns again and again to the notion of impaired vision, writing of eyes that are "muddied and sometimes asquint," glassed by vice, hampered by "colored and distorted lenses," "bound [.
Say, Father Berg, the devil confound her, Who's that so fat, asquint at the counter?
They walk abreast, eyes asquint and arms akimbo, their hands at rest among the ordnance of their utility belts: radio receiver, pepper spray, ammo pouch, handcuff's, keys and whistles, and change for the meter.
He demonstrates this time and again with examples from Ulysses, which he urges us to read asquint.