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These nontraditional, aspiringly holistic, and experience-near therapies, which typically exist on the fringe of the medical model juggernaut, are strangely well ahead of most forms of psychoanalysis in breaking free from the dualistic, Cartesian vision of psychology, embracing alternate paradigms which are friendlier to lived experience.
I suggest how the potential of actual private theatricals for the exploration of female subjectivity is treated more knowingly, even ironically in this novel; the significance of private theatre revised, as it were, in the hands of an aspiringly independent, professional woman writer whose later career was proof enough that she was utterly qualified to do something for herself.
So much harmony is attained here that the tragedy of Oedipus, as overwritten by the tragedy of Claverton, begins to modulate into a tragicomic mode that is indeed sufficiently capacious to represent European culture in its broad extent; the later play is aspiringly Shakespearean in its modal range, if not its texture.
The great examples included deluded, aspiringly gallant Mitch, the role he originated on stage and went on to win an Oscar for in "A Streetcar Named Desire"; "On the Waterfront's" fire-breathing Father Barry; the well-meaning father of a no-good son in "All Fall Down"; the war-hating voice of reason, Omar N.
Dolittle" revisitations) makes use of it to put Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) into a succession of awkward and embarrassing encounters that can easily be--and are--misconstrued in aspiringly comic ways.