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Synonyms for aspiration

Synonyms for aspiration

a strong desire to achieve something

a fervent hope, wish, or goal


Synonyms for aspiration

a will to succeed

a cherished desire

a manner of articulation involving an audible release of breath

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Modi said the Home Ministry was paying special attention to 30-35 of the aspirational districts which were affected by left wing extremism.
CEO NITI Aayog outlined the priorities, challenges and the road ahead for the aspirational districts.
In addition, the preface outlines the methods and context, and an epilogue extends aspirational labor to Duffy's own experience of aspirational labor in academia.
Aleph Hospitality founder & managing Director Bani Haddad commented on the trend, saying: "The other big trend is aspirational - people want to go there [properties] and take a selfie and post their experience on social media.
Aspirationals want brands to speak more holistically to their values, hopes and desires for them- selves and for the world around them.
Dr Alex Mehta, director of Judicium Education, said: "We are delighted to be welcoming our seven Welsh students to London again this year for a week of aspirational work experience.
The aspirational items are not necessarily critical but can provide valuable information that a buyer should want to know before proceeding with closing.
The study, "The effect of abortion on having and achieving aspirational one-year plans" appears in the BMC Women's Health journal, published online November 11, 2015.
Targeted at the growing population of young and aspirational smartphone users, Obi devices have already been well received in both Kenya and Tanzania and the brand will expand to other African markets over the next few months.
Chairman of the moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Wednesday said the PDP's move to urge the Centre to hold talks with his party reveals that the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed- led party has realised aspirational demands of J& K's people.
Design/methodology/approach: Two experiments examine how consumers, who exhibit either high or low tendencies to compare themselves with others, will alter their spending when they observe their aspirational and dissociative reference groups spending money in ways that are atypical.
The bank's strategy behind launching the new upper personal banking proposition is to offer aspirational and value conscious customers a comprehensive savings and banking solution with preferential transaction rates, privileges and banking and non-banking rewards, across product categories.
IT HAS BEEN 25 YEARS SINCE SUNDANCE CATALOG FIRST BEGAN offering its aspirational lifestyle products to consumers, and it is marking the milestone with a limited-edition 25th anniversary collection.