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Synonyms for aspirate

a consonant pronounced with aspiration

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remove as if by suction

pronounce with aspiration

suck in (air)

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Given the confusion between ROM and ROCSD, our preference would be to report both of them for our indeterminate thyroid aspirates, and thus give both patients and clinicians more rather than less information about their tests.
According to gross nature of aspirate, blood mixed aspirates were noted in 60 followed by purulent/ pus material in 25% and caseous or cheesy material in 15% cases in the current study, whereas Hemalatha et al [19) observed blood mixed aspirates in 87.3% and purulent to cheesy materials in 12.7% cases.
Interactions between the bone and the BM microenvironment and tumour cells plays a central role in the homing of tumor cells to marrow with consequent bone metastasis.16-18 Bone marrow infiltration was detected in 42 (50.6%) children in our study with 20/42 cases (47.6%) showing infiltration both on aspirate and trephine biopsy, isolated marrow aspirates were positive in 08 cases while isolated marrow core biopsies were positive in 14 cases.
Cultures of blood, urine, lung tissue, and EBUS-TBNA aspirate were all negative for bacterial infections, fungal infections, and mycobacteria.
Objective: To compare direct smear technique with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) preserved smear technique in terms of preparing bone marrow aspirate slides.
Preferred respiratory samples for influenza testing include nasopharyngeal or nasal swab and nasal wash or aspirate, depending on which type of test is used (Table 2, page 14).
Comparison of bone marrow aspirates cytology, touch imprints cytology and trephine biopsy for bone marrow evaluation.
The test's specificity on induced sputum was 98.9% and on nasopharyngeal aspirates 99.3%
Definitive diagnosis is made by the identification of the parasites in tissue aspirates, either spleen or bone marrow.
Microfilaria have been detected in cervicovaginal smears [6], endometrial smears [7], nipple secretions [8], ovarian cyst fluid [6], breast aspirates [9], hydrocele fluid [10], epididymal aspirates [11], urine samples [12], lung aspirates [13], pleural fluid [14], bronchial washings [6], ascitic fluid [15], intra-operative peritoneal fluid [16], lymph node aspirates [17,18], thyroid aspirates [19], salivary gland aspirates [20], bronchial brushings [21], laryngeal and pharyngeal brushings [22], gastric brushings [23], pericardial fluid [24], cutaneous nodule [25], soft tissue nodule [26], oral and skin ulcers [27], bone marrow aspirates [28], brain aspirates [29], joint aspirates [30], fine needle aspirates [31], esophageal stricture [32] and breast aspirates [33,34].
The study included fine-needle aspirates of thyroid nodules 1 cm or larger that were classified as indeterminate on cytology and that had corresponding histopathological specimens from excised lesions.
Two endotracheal aspirates collected on January 17 were positive for influenza virus (H5N1) and for genes encoding matrix protein by real-time PCR and RT-PCR.
This digital positive displacement dispensing system accurately aspirates and dispenses aqueous and non-aqueous, viscous, volatile, and hazardous liquids.
(3) However, the diagnosis of VAP is fraught with difficulty owing to the lack of objective diagnostic criteria and wide-ranging expert opinions on the merits of invasive (bronchoscopically guided) versus non-invasive (endotracheal aspirates) diagnostic procedures.