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Synonyms for aspirate

a consonant pronounced with aspiration

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remove as if by suction

pronounce with aspiration

suck in (air)

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Preferred respiratory samples for influenza testing include nasopharyngeal or nasal swab and nasal wash or aspirate, depending on which type of test is used (Table 2, page 14).
All thyroid fine-needle aspirates interpreted at our hospitals from for the 16-year period October 1996 through June 2012 were reviewed and the results correlated with the results of histologic follow-up.
Endobronchial aspirates were obtained by nursing staff using a sterile technique from critically ill patients (surgical or medical) admitted to the medical ICU at Pretoria Academic Hospital following informed consent from patients' relatives.
Moreover, the nasopharyngeal flocked swabs were significantly more environmentally friendly, with a carbon footprint less than 5% of that involved in obtaining nasopharyngeal aspirates.
Four studies made use of a variety of cutoff points based on the biochemical measurement parameters of feeding tube aspirates for differentiating respiratory from GI placement of feeding tubes.
In a study of 28 gastrointestinal aspirates from critically ill tube-fed children, Gharpure, Meert, Sarnaik, and Methany (2000) reported that all the 18 gastric aspirates were colorless or white with a curdled appearance (due to the interaction between gastric acid and enteral formula), while 7 of the 10 aspirates from the small bowel were bile-stained (Gharpure et al.
The aspirate was evaluated by Gram's stain, aerobic and anaerobic cultures, and Warthin-Starry silver staining (figure 3).
During the outpatient procedure, a fine needle aspirates a small sample of cells from the area of concern.
Combined with Asuragen's sample preparation, researchers can perform gene expression profiling from low amounts of starting sample, including those traditionally used in clinical settings, such as biopsies, fine needle aspirates, etc.
A clinician performing FNAB in a breast clinic will certainly see almost exclusively primary or recurrent breast carcinoma in aspirates of lymph nodes, while an oncologist in haemato-oncology practice will aspirate lymphomas.
Streck Cell Preservative, a liquid preservative for bone-marrow aspirates, surgical-tissue samples, fine-needle aspirates, and peripheral blood, is available in a 10-mL vial for customers processing large numbers of specimens.
We quantified the yield of these lymph node and pleural fluid aspirates for diagnosing XDR TB.
RSV antigens were detected in the nasal aspirates of 7% of patients.
In paucicellular aspirates, additional material, such as a cell block (3) preparation or a core biopsy obtained at the time of the FNAB, can be complementary in making a more definitive diagnosis.