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Synonyms for aspirate

a consonant pronounced with aspiration

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remove as if by suction

pronounce with aspiration

suck in (air)

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In two situations in which the aspirate volume exceeded 200 mL, the entire amount was returned to the patients because medications had recently been administered via the tubes.
Out of 100 cases of nerve aspirate were correlated with skin biopsy and histopathological classification was done for type of Hansen's disease [Fig.
The single-centre study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the MASCT System in a clinical setting for the collection of mammary aspirate specimens for laboratory exfoliative cytological testing in 34 healthy, non-pregnant women.
Nasal aspirates in 96% of children younger than 2 years tested positive for either RSV or rhinoviruses.
RSV antigens were detected in the nasal aspirates of 7% of patients.
Cell block preparations, core biopsies obtained at the time of the FNAB in some cases, and the ancillary studies performed were also evaluated and correlated with the aspirate smears before giving a final diagnosis, especially in aspirates that were very paucicellular.
The most recent version of the Bethesda System continues to report ROMs for indeterminate aspirates that are similar to those in the first edition and do not account for NIFTP.
EmCyte said PureBMC Supraphysiologic Concentrating System's clearance is powerful as it does not require bone marrow aspirate to be mixed or diluted with whole blood, a method that reduces cell potency and strength.
[ClickPress, Wed Jun 12 2019] This report on the bone marrow aspirate concentrates market analyzes the current and future scenario of the global market.
The highest percentage of AFB positivity (64.7%) was observed in aspirate containing purulent/ pus and caseous/ cheesy material.
Marrow infiltration was present in 42/83 cases (50.6%) in 20/42 cases (47.6%) in whom both aspirate and trephine biopsies were involved.
Steubenville, OH, July 12, 2017 --( According to the white paper titled, "Comparative Analysis of Marrow Cellutions and EMCYTE[R] Bone Marrow Concentrate Systsem (June 2017)," three sets of bone marrow aspirate samples were collected using the EMCYTE[R] Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) system and the Marrow Cellution[TM] Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) System and prepared via each manufacturers' instructions.
Cultures of blood, urine, lung tissue, and EBUS-TBNA aspirate were all negative for bacterial infections, fungal infections, and mycobacteria.
Objective: To compare direct smear technique with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) preserved smear technique in terms of preparing bone marrow aspirate slides.
Preferred respiratory samples for influenza testing include nasopharyngeal or nasal swab and nasal wash or aspirate, depending on which type of test is used (Table 2, page 14).