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Synonyms for aspirate

a consonant pronounced with aspiration

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remove as if by suction

pronounce with aspiration

suck in (air)

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The diagnostic accuracy of visual inspection of aspirates was investigated in a trial (n=365 observations) and the findings indicated that the location of only 50% of the feeding tubes were correctly identified using this method.
Classifying aspirate appearance is a subjective activity, and the success of the classification likely depends on the experience of the clinician (Gharpure et al.
The pH method also cannot be used to differentiate between respiratory and intestinal placement because both typically result in aspirate pH levels greater than 5.
Out of 100 cases of nerve aspirate were correlated with skin biopsy and histopathological classification was done for type of Hansen's disease [Fig.
The bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) is then administered to patients at the time of surgery.
Depress the plunger to the first stop, immerse the tip into the liquid and aspirate by releasing the plunger.
All patients were eligible who had an aspirate of a noninguinal lymph node or pleural fluid sent for mycobacterial culture and DST during September 1, 2006-December 31, 2008, from the district hospital in rural Tugela Ferry, South Africa.
Cell block preparations, core biopsies obtained at the time of the FNAB in some cases, and the ancillary studies performed were also evaluated and correlated with the aspirate smears before giving a final diagnosis, especially in aspirates that were very paucicellular.
The use of a large syringe barrel to aspirate fluids can increase aspiration speed, suction, and volume when compared to a smaller syringe barrel.
Contract awarded for list 293-2016 biopsy needle bone / bone marrow aspirate igss code 9825
bancrofti along with inflammatory cells in fine needle aspirate of lymph node (Hematoxylin- Eosin, X40).
Microscopy and a culture from the aspirate showed a cryptococcal isolate.
In nasopharyngeal aspirate and brow choalveolar lavage samples that were taken at the same time from nine hMPV-infected infants on mechanical ventilation, hMPV was detected in only one nasopharyngeal aspirate and in all nine bronchoalveolar lavages.
The aspirate was evaluated by Gram's stain, aerobic and anaerobic cultures, and Warthin-Starry silver staining (figure 3).
All had nasal aspirate and acute and convalescent serum specimens collected.