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Synonyms for aspirant

Synonyms for aspirant

one who aspires

a person who applies for or seeks something, such as a job or position

Synonyms for aspirant

an ambitious and aspiring young person

desiring or striving for recognition or advancement

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Mazar-e-Sharif (PAN):As many as 139 contenders with 17 of them women aspirants filed their papers to contest the provincial council elections but the Balkh Election Commission has disqualified six candidates citing problems in their documents.
Last month in the midday African heat Liesbeth was able as aspirant director to not only teach our aspirants Franciscan spirituality but also how to incarnate it in service to others by building a small house for Mama Rosalia.
Experts provided customised solutions to get work permit and information on various avenues on employment and career opportunities, attractive job offers for aspirant and spouses coupled with resettlement options in international destinations.
One such job aspirant, Roger, a Filipino expatriate and an accountant by profession, said that though he was satisfied with the work atmosphere in Doha, he would prefer to work in Canada.
The mishap happened when a thousand aspirant for police jobs, sitting on the rooftops of a speeding train, were squashed by a low over bridge near Shahjahanpur, some 130 km from state capital Luck now.
So what creates this concentration of aspirant millionaires and how do they secure their financial footing?
In practice, of course, not only does each aspirant come with different knowledge, skills, and dispositions, but individual school systems stress different content themes.
one of the most left-leaning House members; the concept has been endorsed by Republican presidential aspirant Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.
In this article, we report data from two projects concerned with the aspirant principals' perspectives about school principal recruitment in three Australian states.
After being told that a fellow aspirant had revealed confidential fraternity secrets to a non-member, Griffen and the other aspirants were then beaten as a group punishment for betrayal of the fraternal confidence.
The research also shows that most aspirant millionaires are company owners and directors, or partners in professional practices.
BJP ticket aspirant from Okhla seat resigned from the party.
Now, an aspirant can apply directly and hope to get selected without running around, lobbying and camping in New Delhi to get the party's nod.
Reflecting the fact that any attack on private ownership of weapons won't help a political aspirant get very far in his state, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer redefined the meaning of "gun control.
An aspirant millionaire is defined as a person with the potential, throughproperty, business and investment, to take their value past pounds 1m.