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evergreen perennial with large handsome basal leaves

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The Aspidistra can withstand conditions that would lead most other plants to wilt and keel over.
If you are a fan of rubber plants, aspidistras and spathyphyllums they will benefit now from a leaf shine to remove the dust that will have accumulated over the winter, this will enable the plants to photosynthesise more efficiently.
A ASPIDISTRAS are called the cast-iron plant because they can tolerate poor growing conditions such as weak light and low temperatures which would kill many other houseplants.
Aspidistras are rarely seen these days, but in Victorian times they were a very popular house plant.
Small boys display rifles and bayonets in the run up to the Great War, elegant ladies pose in front of aspidistras, and local amateur dramatic groups sit in front of music hall sets.
MAKE a tropical-style patio with crotons, Swiss cheese plants, philodendron, mother-in-law's tongue and aspidistras in container displays along with flowering favourites such as busy lizzies and pelargoniums.
The aspidistras are gone, its restaurant now serves continental fine dining and the place seems to have come over all literary.
Aspidistras should only be re-potted about every fourth year.
The hallway is wide with enough space for a fireplace and antique jardinieres sprouting aspidistras.
Victorian and Edwardian garden fashions had had their day by the 1960s but the old wheel keeps turning and everything from herbaceous perennials to aspidistras are drifting back into vogue.
But parlour palms and aspidistras flourish in even dark hallways.