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savory jelly based on fish or meat stock used as a mold for meats or vegetables

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The first, a luncheon salad, pairs individual chutney and apple aspics with cool chicken and fruit.
Meat products, meat extracts, bouillon prepa rations, aspic, seasonings, soups, sauces.
Moments later, however, we're trapped in the kind of French hell that conforms like aspic to Americans' most cherished stereotypes of our off-and-on allies.
With many names--Jell-O, aspic, jelly, gelee and so on--gelatin has an identity of its own.
ASPIC is calling on the EC to consider a variety of changes, including:
Would love to have written: Elvis in Aspic by Gordon DeMarco.
Which is what possibly explains not only the attraction to the dramatic potential of grief, but Egoyan's interest in Russell Banks's source novel in the first place: it's an account of a town rendered an emotional Pompeii by sorrow and regret, a community trapped in the aspic of despair.
And though nobody wants it revived just according to the bible so it's revied in aspic, it's the thing that everyone goes back to for the accuracy of the piece.
The Civic Society, Huddersfield Gem and all the other unelected 'busybodies' (local and national) who want the town preserved in aspic will be planning their campaign even as I write.
Conservation as a planning tool is not about preserving the Park in aspic, it's about looking after a lived-in landscape with regard for those who choose to set up home here, by allowing sensitive development in appropriate places.
Of course you don't sustain a three decade pop career by preserving your sound in aspic, and Duran Duran have always been good at moving forward and reinventing themselves over the decades.
I understand why, but it doesn't help me as an actress now, in 2010, just as I am growing into the older, character parts, to be trapped in Seventies aspic.
In effect, they seek to preserve in aspic something which never existed.
Coun Iain Bowen (Lib Dem, Acocks Green) said: "I'm not for preserving everything in aspic but once these are lost, they are gone for good.
But things cannot stand still and you cannot put them in aspic.