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a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires

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In the recently completed phase III studies 251 primary subjects were treated with Summers' Lice Asphyxiator.
Summers Laboratories Lice Asphyxiator is an elegant, pleasant scented emulsion with the consistency of hair conditioner.
In the first study, 81 patients enrolled and 79 completed the study, which involved two applications for 10 minutes, 1 week apart, of a 5% or 10% concentration of the asphyxiator product, vehicle alone, or RID shampoo.
At day 1 after the first treatment, the kill rate was more than 80% among the 20 patients who had applied a 5% solution of the asphyxiator and among the 20 patients who had applied a 10% solution of the product.
By the end of 2005, three human studies totaling 167 subjects, were conducted to demonstrate the safety, efficacy and minimum effective dose of the Summers lice asphyxiator product.