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tending to deprive of oxygen

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The UN went along with the idea of the Cyprus-owned talks, without mediation or arbitration and asphyxiating time-frames, for more than three years, and it produced unsatisfactory results.
The Convention (Ratifications and Signatories) link leads to the texts of all the major agreements leading up to the convention, going as far back as the 1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare.
SAN FERNANDO - Lawyers began questioning 76 potential jurors Monday in the capital murder trial of Sandi Dawn Nieves, charged with asphyxiating her four daughters in their Seco Canyon home.
The Body without Organs simply buzzes, bloated with luminous energy: a sensation of asphyxiating nirvana caught in a chorus like "I'm drowning in love," or an mc chant like Oooooh gosh
scientists have recently returned from a follow-up study of last year's Lake Nyos disaster in Cameroon, in which the lake had expelled a large cloud of carbon dioxide that spread into surrounding valleys, asphyxiating livestock and killing 1,746 people.
Andrew Flood, 43, is accused of asphyxiating Margaret Biddolph, 78, and Annie Leyland, 88, who were found dead in their homes earlier this week.
A jury has begun deliberating in the case of two strip-club bouncers accused of second-degree manslaughter for asphyxiating a Lancaster man.
Bertie is charged with asphyxiating the child in 1995.
The confined space in which his figures move or their apparent immobility are no more asphyxiating than in previous periods.