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varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape


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An important step in presbyopic contact lens success is selecting the appropriate type of optics for an individual: aspheric or spherical, monovision versus multifocal.
Implantable lenses company STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ:STAA) reported on Thursday the receipt of the CE Mark for commercialisation of the its EVO+ Visian ICL with Aspheric (EDOF) Optic from DEKRA, the European Union's Notified Body.
Mentor, OH, USA) noncontact double aspheric lens was attached to the smartphone with clear tape (Figure 1).
For the eyepiece Arvind has used an aspheric lens to make the screen visible from such close distance.
He informed that the focal theme of the conference is to emphasize Design, Fabrication and Testing of Aspheric, Freeform, Diffractive and Large size optics, Micro optics and Nano-optic devices.
Its products include speciality lasers and light sources, electro-optical components, opto-mechanical assemblies, including aspheric lenses, laser mirrors, interference filters and polarisers.
TECHSPEC Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses from Edmund Optics eliminate chromatic aberrations caused by broadband light sources.
The Powell lens is one kind of aspheric lens, which can transform laser beam into a straight laser line.
Dr Maria said: Acents[euro]A"With the integrated Schwind-CAM software, Amaris offers us tailored and comprehensive treatment planning, whether aberration free or customised treatment with corneal or ocular wavefront data, aspheric ablation profiles are used.
The initial business purpose of the joint venture shall be to develop, mold, and manufacture aspheric lenses with a diameter of less than 20 mm for high volume visible imaging applications for cell phones, digital cameras and video equipment.
It incorporates a full-aperture aspheric corrector lens that exactly cancels the spherical aberration produced by a very fast, short-focal-length spherical primary mirror (one that is much easier and less expensive to fabricate than an aspheric primary).
Seiko used its aspheric lens design technology to lower the overall height of the lens and utilized an upgraded linear motor unit for an actuator to accomplish the thickness of 6mm.
Rolyn now offers precision molded polymer aspheric lenses for infinity conjugates in both 12.
5 mm aspheric varifocal lens supply high-quality images under a variety of lighting conditions.
A new ray path test for aspheric optics developed just to analyze these mirrors, has discovered regions that are optically well formed to a fraction of the wavelength of visible light alongside of highly astigmatic regions.