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varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape


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8 provides designers with extended aspheric lens formulations, new ways to customize workflows and an expanded materials library.
com) is a world industry leader in the design and manufacture of aspheric optics.
LightPath believes that aspheric lenses above the 3 mega pixel ranges for cell phones, digital cameras and other equipment will significantly enhance the resolution and provide the potential for future functional enhancements in such equipment and will replace the mixed plastic and glass lenses currently used for such applications.
NASDAQ:LPTH) manufactures optical products, including precision-molded aspheric optics, GRADIUM(R)(R) glass products, proprietary collimator assemblies, laser components utilizing proprietary automation technology, optical assemblies and packing solutions.
Flatter aspheric spectacle lenses will dramatically reduce the weight of your glasses and the magnification effects.
The XCALIBIR is a measurement system that was designed at NIST to have the flexibility to measure flats, spherical, and aspheric optics.
The lens itself is all glass and contains 3 aspheric elements offering the user the finest optical zoom available.
For example," he says, "we used a microscope objective in the system that cost $3,000, but we've since found an $82 aspheric lens that works just as well.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its aspheric AcrySof([R]) IQ Toric intraocular lens (IOL).
It has eliminated additional charges for all single-vision lenses (what's more all of its single-vision lenses are High/Super-high Index Aspheric lenses), and offers all glasses at set prices indicated on its frames - there's no additional charges for lenses no matter whatever customer-required lenses are.
The range includes aspheric, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses.
As per the terms of the agreement, Bausch + Lomb will now begin to distribute PhysIOL's FineVision trifocal and FineVision trifocal toric hydrophilic, UV and blue-blocking, aspheric intraocular lenses, and, when available, the Ankoris toric lenses on an exclusive or co-exclusive basis depending on the market.
Its 18 chapters cover the Newton, Fizeau, Haidinger, Twyman-Green, common-path, lateral shear, radial shear, rotational shear, reversal shear, multiple-beam, and multiple-pass interferometers; the Foucault, wire, phase modulation, Ronchi, Hartmann, Hartmann-Shack tests; star tests; testing of aspheric wavefronts and surfaces; Zernike polynomial and wavefront fitting; phase shifting interferometry; surface profilers, multiple wavelength, and white light interferometry; optical metrology of diffuse surfaces; angle, prisms, curvature, and focal length measurements; and mathematical representation of an optical surface and its characteristics.
Numerical Control Interpolation Algorithm of Aspheric Surface Based on the Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network