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Synonyms for asphalt

mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand

a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation

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cover with tar or asphalt

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Figure 6-13: Year-over-Year Percentage Change in Primary Asphalt Pavement Commodity Input Price Indexes: Asphalt and Construction Aggregates, 1999-2008 (percentage) Other Asphalt Pavement Input Costs
Dominant paving segment to face budget constraints Paving accounted for the largest end use for asphalt in 2014 with 74 percent of consumption.
The applications of DSC analysis of asphalts and asphalt blends to evaluate interaction of the asphalt components have previously been reported [19], and a comparison of DSC thermograms of polymeric materials and their asphalt blends is shown in Fig.
org as downloadable PDF files, each document summarizes a particular agency's asphalt binder specifications.
Asphalt is one concern, as it contains coal tar pitch, a recognized human carcinogen, as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) including benzo[a]pyrene, another carcinogen.
The nonresidential building market for asphalt will enjoy the best growth prospects over the forecast period, as construction activity rebounds from 2002 levels particularly in the office, commercial and industrial segments.
In addition to this resistance to change, Amirkhanian says that a lot of the hesitancy toward rubberized asphalt has to do with the ISTEA Act of 1990.
HL-3 Asphalt concrete mix samples were prepared using the tire rubber modified asphalts to evaluate the resistance to rutting and low temperature cracking.
Researchers, though, have found some good news about cracking: Asphalt can actually repair itself to a certain degree.
Under this agreement, effective at closing during the second quarter 2011, Ergon A&E will continue to market all retail paving asphalt from the Lion refinery in El Dorado, AR as well as from the asphalt terminals in Henderson, TX and Muskogee, OK.
INDUSTRY OVERVIEW II-1 Prelude II-1 Recession in Retrospect and the Road Ahead II-3 The US Market for Roofing Hit Hard by Economic Recession II-4 Roofing Market Posts Healthy Gains in 2011 II-4 Europe and the US Tested Again in 2012 by the Eurozone Crisis & US Fiscal Cliff Concerns II-5 Current State of the World Economy: A Key Growth Indicator II-5 Table 1: Economic Growth (%) Worldwide by Region: 2011-2014E (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-6 Outlook II-6 Competitive Landscape II-7 Asphalt Manufacturer/Supplier II-8 Producer/Supplier of Asphalt Products/Mixtures II-8 Laying Contractor II-8 Competition: Noteworthy Trends II-8 Advanced Processing Techniques: A Drawback?
Sixteen new methods that distinguish behavioral characteristics of compositionally diverse petroleum asphalts were developed or refined into new methods during this project.
According to Alon, the facility will be the first in West Texas to use ground tires to manufacture premium road asphalts.
The binder qualities of conventional asphalts (asphalt cements) now produced by refineries need to be enhanced by adding chemical modifiers which improve performance under many types of loads and climactic stresses.
asphalt cement, asphalt emulsions, cutback asphalts, built-up and roll roofing, modified bitumen roofing, asphalt shingles), new construction and maintenance/repairs markets, and geographic region.