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Synonyms for asphalt

mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand

a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation

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cover with tar or asphalt

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Figure 6-9: Year-over-Year Percentage Change in Asphalt Roofing Product Manufacturing Producer Price Indexes: Roofing Asphalts & Pitches, Coatings, and Cements; Prepared Asphalt & Tar Roofing & Siding Products, 1999-2008 (percentage)
The company distributes asphalts, polymer modified asphalts, and asphalt emulsion through 16 terminals.
It is reported that oxidative ageing has a great effect on the properties of polymer modified asphalts (PMAs) (21-23).
We hope that the program will lead to a better understanding of the variability in testing roofing asphalts.
Impervious surfaces can be concrete or asphalt, they can be roofs or parking lots, but they all have at least one thing in common--water runs off of them, not through them.
Although asphalt roofing products accounted for only 14 percent of asphalt demand by weight, their value was just over one-half of the total.
These all-too-human inclinations may be the primary reasons behind the slow acceptance of tire-modified asphalt, despite its proven benefits.
Finally, the results have been used to develop new analytical methods that improve the capability of predicting the performance of asphalt in roadway service.
It has long been thought that devulcanization, partial devulcanization or depolymerization of crumb rubber would provide additional benefits, in terms of storage stability of modified asphalts and performance improvements.
In the worst cases, the asphalt deteriorates so much that the road turns into nothing more than a black gravel path.
on the sale of Lion Oil Company ("Lion") in El Dorado, Arkansas, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
The use of recycled PMAs has been increasing rapidly not only because of the economic barriers involved with improving asphalts through refining processes, but also because of the logistical difficulties of using crude oil that naturally produced better performing asphalt binders.
Sixteen new methods that distinguish behavioral characteristics of compositionally diverse petroleum asphalts were developed or refined into new methods during this project.
According to Alon, the facility will be the first in West Texas to use ground tires to manufacture premium road asphalts.
The binder qualities of conventional asphalts (asphalt cements) now produced by refineries need to be enhanced by adding chemical modifiers which improve performance under many types of loads and climactic stresses.