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Synonyms for asphalt

mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand

a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation

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cover with tar or asphalt

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Every year, a large quantity of milled asphaltic materials is generated from the rehabilitation and maintenance work carried out by the DoT and other government and private entities.
The importance of this project stems from the fact that there are large quantities of milled asphaltic materials generated each year from demolishing existing asphalt pavement as part of the rehabilitation and maintenance work executed by DoT as well as other government entities or private agencies," DoT said.
Samples were subjected to 8,000 passes (4,000 cycles) using a treaded tire (pressurized at 550 kPa) at 60 [degrees] C to assess the rutting performance of asphaltic concrete samples.
This theoretical study on the use of membranes for the prevention of reflection cracking in asphaltic resurfacing provides a theoretical framework for future research and gives credence to current empirical recommendations.
Asphalt and asphaltic paving mixtures (not from refineries)
The use of scrap materials in asphaltic mixtures will lie far beyond that of a mandate.
In 1992, Ontario produced about 11 million tons of asphaltic hot mix (for black-top).
hot mix asphaltic concrete onstruction; hot mix recycled asphaltic concrete; bituminous tack coat.
The project includes milling, removal and replacement of approximately 100,000 tons of asphaltic concrete, for which Meadow Valley plans to employ its portable crushing, asphalt production and paving equipment.
cold milling, class 3; 2,378 sy cold milling, class 3-a; 1 ea milling for asphaltic concrete inlay; 2,800 tn asphaltic concrete type spr; 2,325 tn asphaltic concrete type slx; 125 tn asphaltic concrete for patching; 15 cy remove and replace unsuitable subgrade; 261.
Tenders are invited for work consists of milling to a depth of 2" and overlaying the milled areas with 2", 1025 gal of tack coat, 8170 sy of hot mix asphaltic pavement, type c, 2" thickness, 8170 sy of salvaging, hauling, and stockpiling reclaimable asphaltic pavement (2"), 2 sy of pothole repair, 2200 ea of furnish and install 4" wide yellow line, see attached file.
work includes roadway excavation, embankment, milling the existing asphaltic concrete pavement, furnishing and placing asphaltic concrete and asphaltic concrete friction course, constructing curb, gutter, sidewalk, sidewalk ramps, driveways, catch basins, spillways, and concrete lined channel, installing storm drains, culverts, and roadway lighting, placing riprap, pavement marking and signing, modifying traffic signals, and other related work
2 sy of 2" thick superpave asphaltic concrete; 1,753 sy of asphaltic pavement cold planing; 14,528.
8 million job to overlay existing residential streets in Phoenix, which will include the mixing and placing of approximately 120,000 tons of rubberized asphaltic concrete.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 25 lf of 24" dip; 340 lf of 24" pvc pipe; 1,500 lf of 16" pvc pipe; 1,815 lf of 16" fusible pvc pipe; abandon 2,620 lf of 24" sccp and 80 lf of 6" acp; 95,000 sf of 5" thick or less permanent asphaltic concrete pavement replacement; 80,000 sf of additional 2" lift permanent asphaltic concrete pavement replacement; 27,000 sf milling and asphaltic open graded concrete pavement; 12 ea of 24" or smaller fittings; 150 lf cement slurry encasement of new water main; 3,000 sy over excavation; see attached file.