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Synonyms for asphalt

mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand

a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation

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cover with tar or asphalt

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Every year, a large quantity of milled asphaltic materials is generated from the rehabilitation and maintenance work carried out by the DoT and other government and private entities.
The importance of this project stems from the fact that there are large quantities of milled asphaltic materials generated each year from demolishing existing asphalt pavement as part of the rehabilitation and maintenance work executed by DoT as well as other government entities or private agencies," DoT said.
The IRS argued that the creation of the G reorganization reinforced the Alabama Asphaltic decision and expanded it to cover junior creditors who become shareholders after bankruptcy.
Asphaltic coatings of this type are particularly useful on older historic homes with flat roofs, and these coatings are readily available at big box retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot and through your local roof contractor.
It is quite apparent that morphology in the asphalt-rubber composition plays a crucial role in determining the properties of the crumb rubber modified binder systems and in the performance of crumb rubber modified asphaltic concrete.
This theoretical study on the use of membranes for the prevention of reflection cracking in asphaltic resurfacing provides a theoretical framework for future research and gives credence to current empirical recommendations.
Renewal and upgrade of the heavy vehicle pavements with asphaltic concrete to provide sufficient strength to handle current and anticipated future heavy vehicle loadings.
To a question, he said that asphaltic concrete roads have generally life span of ten years depending upon traffic intensity.
These old desert routes have been replaced with paved asphaltic roads.
The result was a reformulation of the undercoating which became Tectyl 6430, a water-based asphaltic coating with a chemical additive that reduces product drag, offers greater atomization at the spray gun tip and thus reduces the over spray of the product.
More than 80 percent work has been completed on the site while Asphaltic Wearing Course work and carpeting would be finished till the said date which is rapidly in progress by National Logistics Cell (NLC) and Communication and Works Department Punjab.
The project will include removal, replacement and widening of the existing freeway on Loop 289 and US-82 including continuously reinforced concrete pavement, retaining walls, grading, drainage, asphaltic concrete pavement, bridges, illumination, traffic signs and pavement markings.
The use of scrap materials in asphaltic mixtures will lie far beyond that of a mandate.
In 1992, Ontario produced about 11 million tons of asphaltic hot mix (for black-top).
The work consists of grading, surfacing and draining the roadways; furnishing and placing asphaltic concrete and Portland cement concrete pavement; constructing retaining walls, concrete barriers, curb and gutter, storm drains and other incidental work.