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Synonyms for aspersion

Synonyms for aspersion

Synonyms for aspersion

a disparaging remark

an abusive attack on a person's character or good name

the act of sprinkling water in baptism (rare)


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A letter from Jack Wall, the chairman of the board of regents, delivered to Ransom on Tuesday notifying him of Friday's meeting said Ransom's "decision to ignore, disregard, or violate" directives from the board not to cast aspersions on the proposal or the flagship campus had "caused considerable disruption and undermined [his] leadership.
Please ensure you establish the facts before casting aspersions on this DHB.
Team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: "We don't need to do it and we're not doing it to avoid any aspersions being cast by other teams.
Cllr Charlton would do better to promote proper consultation and dialogue on how to make social care work for the people of North Wales rather than casting aspersions.
However, Bloomberg, citing people close to the bank, said that such a move is not expected in the near future because doing so would cast aspersions on the financial strength of the parent firm.
With inter-Korean dialogue and exchanges put on hold and mutual aspersions on the rise, we have reached a phase where both Koreas resort to military power," Bishop Luke Kim Woon-hoe of the Catholic Bishops' Conference said in a statement, according to the International Business Times.
I don't want to cast aspersions on anybody involved in it, it was a stupid act.
We believe this report inaccurately depicted the way career colleges and universities operate and cast unfair aspersions on schools that are playing an increasingly prominent role in equipping Americans with the skills they need to enter and thrive in the workforce," said Phil Singer, spokesperson for the Student Access Student Choice (SASC) Coalition.
Just a few days since Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup and already the English are casting aspersions as to how they were "lied to", having been given assurances they would get votes, which then didn't materialise.
But despite his delight at the outcome, the former Upton Park chief was shocked that Gould cast aspersions on his managerial nous during the hearing.
Libertarian aspersions on whichever side happens to be in office don't help.
He can't understand why Bianca took so long to tell him, but she casts aspersions on his parenting ability when she learns he's encouraged vulnerable Whitney to date car-lot employee Todd.
Unsurprisingly, the article caused Mr Islam considerable embarrassment and distress, particularly given it had the effect not only of creating an utterly false impression of his attitude to women, but because it cast serious aspersions, quite wrongly, on his faith, which is a matter of the utmost importance to him.
But then we heard he had cast aspersions on the impartiality of the referee Alain Rolland.
However, we are concerned that the final report then proceeded to try and single out and cast aspersions over the conduct over a number of managers without any consultation about this, or a proper opportunity for them to reply.