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Synonyms for asperity

Synonyms for asperity

something that obstructs progress and requires great effort to overcome

Synonyms for asperity

harshness of manner


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It changed from adhesive wear and fracture of asperity to complex process due to the synergistic effect of adhesive, ploughing, fatigue, peeling, abrasive etc.
But the most promising approach appears to be the asperity lubrication effect known as the microhydrodynamic effect.
Most of the wear products are found in the forms of uneven shapes and patterns, and the diverse sizes of fragments and particles which fill the asperity crevices in a number of different locations.
The result shows that the slip along the southwestern BCF is near the initial rupture point and encompassing the area between YX and LMS (asperity [A.sub.2-2]), YJS and GC (asperity [A.sub.2-1]), and the area under the LMS (asperity [A.sub.1]).
The effect of normal stress and shear on aperture variations and asperity geometry is different for fractures.
The actual pore filling and array ordering (particle centering force [F.sub.C]) occurs while drying the sample surface after the thickness of the water layer has been reduced below the asperity height.
Assuming asperity heights follow Gaussian distribution, they gave a statistical model called GW model, a popular method to simulate contact stiffness of joint surface.
The closed-form mathematical description of the contact behavior of viscoelastic materials is still in its early stages, especially when considering complicated rheological models for the material response, sporadic contact regions at the asperity level, or complex loading histories.
Di shot me a look that was full of asperity and courage and sly humour.
According to the differences of generation mechanisms of the transmitted torque and axial load [9], the engagement of wet clutch is divided into three stages: squeezing fluid stage, boundary lubrication stage, and asperity contact stage.
Among those taking the plunge this year are Hay & Kilner, Intu Metro Centre, Supaguard, Westray Recruitment, I Am You, Asperity Reward Gateway, Engage Magazine, Creating Careers, Puddleducks, Gossip Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine, Xercise4Less, GLT Protection, My World, Flame Heating, and Northumbria University RAG committee.
The Tiber, the river, Roman Empire, Shakespeare- What's with you, I say with some asperity, here I am confessing all and you are yammering on about the Roman Empire.