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a short-handled device with a globe containing a sponge

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Este parrafo tambien ejemplifica los usos de tecnolectos (talos de Lithothrix aspergillum, sustrato rocoso, epifitos o epizoicos, talos tetrasporangiales, plantas gametangiales) y la presencia de la polifonia o intertextualidad--que es citada entre parentesis cuando es general y en el cuerpo del texto cuando es especifica--, enunciando apellidos de autores sin nombres propios.
13), where the dark vase is already practically the same shape and size, and the aspergillum is included.
In Poland it is becoming increasingly rare not to have a monument dedicated, a new school opened, or even a car purchased without its being consecrated by a cassock-clad personage wielding an aspergillum (also for a fee, of course).
With my holy water bucket and aspergillum in hand, I read paragraph 2117 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to her over and over again.
51) Then, according to Muir, the patriarch's boat circled the Bucintoro while the patriarch blessed the doge and senate with holy water, using an olive branch as an aspergillum.
A recent crop of studies, including the first to describe the structures and mechanics of the glass sea sponge Euplectella aspergillum and the Toco toucan's beak, exemplify how nature finds strength in unlikely places.
She recently began investigating the silica-producing properties of Euplectella aspergillum, a deep-sea sponge that produces an intricate, cagelike glass structure (SN: 9/20/03, p.