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20 aspers equal 1 kurus in Turkey

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asper sample, although the prey items were not identified beyond class, order, or suborder.
Asper walked over, told the son - UO student Tom Diamond - that he could handle the situation because he'd been an Eagle Scout.
With funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Bioniche, commercial developer of Potter's vaccine, Asper has created the second-generation vaccine prototype and participated in initial testing on mice and cattle.
Asper Nation is exceptional in demonstrating that concern about CanWest Global's reach ought to go beyond the usual anxiety about media concentration.
The blinders keep Asper and others from acknowledging the Naklba and the enduring pain and suffering it has created for Palestinians, and allows them to see Israelis as the only ones who have suffered.
Five years after that, Leon Asper bought a movie theatre in the Manitoba town of Minnedosa.
Leonard Asper took the reins as president CEO in 1999, David is exec VP of CanWest Global and chairman of the National Post, and Gail is corporate secretary of CanWest Global.
The Aspers are raking media concentration to places it has never been before.
In December 2001, Izzy Asper had directed his papers to print nothing critical of Israel, just as earlier in the year he had proscribed criticism of Jean Chretien; so in January of this year, his two Saskatchewan Southam papers in Regina and Saskatoon rejected a column by ten-year veteran Native writer Doug Cutband which sympathized with the Palestinians' loss of their lands.
Asper, 25, was recently voted the best keeper in Sweden after helping AIK to the League title.
The names of Asper, Mitis, and Cordatus have always been treated as 'Cratylic', to use the terminology of Anne Barton - expressing respectively the harshness, softness, and good-heartedness of their three ideally conceived and puppet-like owners.
Asper of many boardroom directives, but in a kinder, gentler voice.
Asper joined the Company's Board of Directors in February 1992.