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of or belonging to an aspect (as an aspect of the verb)

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2004) "Type shifting in construction grammar: an integrated approach to aspectual coercion".
Aspectual Feature Modules, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, v.
Geseon, apparently, is included in the category of "observation" verbs, although there seem to be no aspectual considerations involved here.
The core of the aspectual perspective is the definition of micro-politics as a concrete aspect of behavior.
When it combines with perfective aspect the inherently stative verb dyum provides a shade of the meaning that is typically associated with grammatical aspectual category of perfective.
It is important to note here that I analyse schematicity in terms of lexical and not aspectual semantics.
Em suma, a partir dos dois diagnosticos apresentados por Burzio para o italiano: a escolha do auxiliar aspectual e a cliticizacao ne, torna-se evidente que os argumentos internos de verbos inacusativos sao objetos diretos em estrutura-D que, quando movidos de sua posicao de base para a posicao Spec, IP, uma posicao nao-0, passam a ser sujeitos derivados.
Languages can incorporate many other additional distinctions in their system, like the deictic distinction between proximate/distal in Tsez, (see Comrie and Polinsky 1998) or the aspectual dimension of bounded and unbounded paths (where the distinction between to and towards in English is made or between allative and versative, again in Tsez, see Comrie and Polinsky [1998]).
The typical example is the Balkan area, where languages of different types and families, such as Romanian (Romance), Albanian, Greek, and the Slavonic languages Macedonian and Bulgarian share, in partial or complete form, the absence of verbal infinitives, the postposition of the definite article, certain aspectual distinctions in verbs, etc.
Das Funcoes Narrativas ao Aspectual nas Representacoes Visuais: notas sobre modos de interpretar imagens.
The effects of aspectual class on the temporal structure of discourse: semantics or pragmatics?
lax, spreading habit;" and "overall, aspectual similarity to C.
What apparently is a past tense -s can be suffixed to the aspectual forms.
They specify the physical orientation of the co-referential first person subject, and provide aspectual information about the location in space and time of the action denoted by the main verb.
New elements can and sometimes must be introduced, as in the case of aspectual choice between the preterite and the imperfect in Romance languages.